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<div>Wordle today: Here’s the answer and hints for April 14</div>
Here's the answer for "Wordle" #1030 on April 14, as well as a few hints, tips, and clues to help you solve it yourself.
NYT Connections today: See hints and answers for April 14
Connections is a New York Times word game that's all about finding the "common threads between words." How to solve the puzzle.
Israel prepared for Iran's missile and drone attacks by closing its airspace to both domestic and international airlines starting at 12:30 a.m. Sunday local time.
The billionaire’s social calendar: The must-attend events for the world’s wealthiest business icons
For people who can afford anything, billionaires keep it pretty predictable. Here are the conferences, parties, and travel destinations favored by the wealthy.
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NYT Wordle today — answer and hints for game #1,030, Sunday, April 14
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US shoots down Israel-bound drones fired from Iran
The US military shot down Iranian-fired drones headed toward Israel during a retaliatory attack on the country, Reuters reported.
Tesla tells Cybertruck employees that shifts will be shorter at the Austin Gigafactory
An internal memo, obtained by Business Insider, describes new times for some production line shifts at the Austin gigafactory.
Two more CVS pharmacies are filing to unionize with The Pharmacy Guild to fight for better conditions just weeks after a Las Vegas pharmacy made history as the first to do so.
Microsoft is testing out start menu ad placement in Windows 11
Microsoft has begun testing ads within the Start menu of Windows 11; rolling out to users within its Beta Channel in the US.
SAG-AFTRA wins AI music protections in new deal
A tentative agreement erects guardrails against generative AI's cloning of Hollywood's musicians.
Iran launches drone attacks on Israel
Iranian state television confirmed that the attack came in the form of an "extensive drone operation," reporter Kian Sharifi noted in a post on X.
My haunted Roomba S9+ kept me up all night and iRobot says there’s no way to fix it
With stuck buttons, iRobot says my Roomba S9+, which behaves like it's haunted, is beyond repair and now useless.
A Bowie, Maryland man is now $50,000 richer after he won the top prize in a scratch-off ticket. Normally, the man plays the lottery to convert his losing tickets into "points."
American women are stockpiling abortion pills amid political uncertainty
Women may want to start stockpiling abortion pills and contraception ahead of a potential Trump re-election in November, activists say.
Elon Musk met with Argentina's new president, Javier Milei this week at Tesla's Austin, Texas, headquarters, where the two reportedly discussed the potential for lithium projects.
New poll shows Biden cutting into Trump’s lead by winning back some of his 2020 voters
In the latest NYT/Siena poll, Trump led Biden by a 46% to 45% margin among registered voters, a tightening from Trump's 48% to 43% edge in February.
Airbnb now wants you to rent out your rental
Airbnb said Friday it would lobby city and state governments to allow renters, in addition to owners, to list their homes on its platform.
<div>Uh-oh, X’s Grok AI can now ‘understand’ images</div>
X's new Grok-1.5V can now understand user-uploaded visual information.
Some Tesla employees worry that layoffs are coming
Some Tesla employees told Business Insider they are concerned that layoffs are imminent, possibly as soon as this weekend.
Is this the best time ever for iPhone deals at Verizon? Multiple devices are free without the need for an annoying trade
Verizon's iPhone deals offer a superb lineup of options right now - regardless of whether you're looking to trade or not.
Krispy Kreme announced it would roll out a Tax Day deal, with customers getting a second Original Glazed dozen for the price of sales tax in their state after initially purchasing one dozen.
McDonald’s new marketing: Billboards that smell like its French fries
The fast-food giant launched a series of yellow and red billboards in the Netherlands that emit the "distinct aroma of McDonald's French Fries."
Refreshed Mercedes-Benz EQS gets massive 55-inch Hyperscreen and an equally monstrous 511-mile range
Mercedes-Benz revises its luxurious EQS saloon with increased range and a bucketload of interior tech.
‘Chrisley Knows Best’ star Todd Chrisley ordered to pay former Georgia revenue investigator 5,000 after defamation lawsuit loss, report says
A jury this week found that the reality TV star defamed a former Georgia Department of Revenue&nbsp;investigator before he began his prison sentence.
Russia’s firing new, long-range Kh-69 cruise missiles, war experts say, piling on the misery for Ukraine’s dwindling air defense
Russian Forces are deploying a new cruise missile, Kh-69, in attacks on Ukraine's energy infrastructure, experts say.
Ford offers Tesla drivers ,500 discount to switch
Ford is taking aim at Tesla. The automaker launched an initiative to give Tesla owners a special discount on some of its cars earlier this month.
I moved to Spain from Texas. I can’t imagine returning to the US — life is too good here.
An ex-San Antonio resident who moved to Spain says he's never returning to the US. He appreciates the work-life balance and lifestyle more in Oviedo.
A recent leak suggested that Microsoft might try to promote apps in the Start menu, and this idea is now being tested.
<div>There are thousands of deals at Amazon right now – here’s 13 bargains I’d buy</div>
There's a huge weekend sale at Amazon, and I'm rounding up Saturday's best deals on AirPods, tablets, robot vacs, TVs, and more.
A survey by Intuit found that students want to learn about financial literacy at school and that those who receive personal finance instruction find it to be helpful.
<div>NYT’s The Mini crossword answers for April 13</div>
Answers to each clue for the April 13, 2024 edition of NYT's The Mini crossword puzzle.
<div>Elon Musk’s Starlink asked to halt services in Zimbabwe over licensing</div>
Elon Musk's Starlink has suspended internet services to Zimbabwe until it obtains licensing approval from the country's telecommunications regulator.
The incredible life of Titanic’s youngest survivor, who lived to 97 and refused to see James Cameron’s movie
Millvina Dean was 9 weeks old when the Titanic sank 112 years ago. She was the last living survivor of the ship and died in 2009.
I got my doctorate while raising my 3 and 5-year-old kids. Here are 5 ways I juggled it all and stayed sane.
A mother studied for her doctorate while raising her kids. She did it by cutting out alcohol, prioritizing physical health, and remaining positive.
As China’s navy grows, the US fleet is on a ‘downward trajectory,’ maritime expert says
The US Navy is still the world's most powerful. But as pressure grows around Taiwan, the pace of development is worrying experts.
Want to get into 4K Blu-ray? Here are 2 players and 5 movies to get you started
If you're fed up with streaming and thinking of getting into 4K Blu-ray, we've got some recommendations for players and movies to get you going.