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Malaysian authorities say they plan to start searching for the missing MH370 plane again, 10 years after it disappeared
The Malaysian government is in talks with marine robotics company Ocean Infinity for a new search operation, transport minister Anthony Loke said.
Banks on High Alert as ‘Rogue’ Companies House Filings Surface
Banks on High Alert as ‘Rogue’ Companies House Filings Surface

Britain's major banks have been placed on high alert following the discovery of hundreds of 'rogue' filings apparently lodged at Companies House, the UK's central corporate register.

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Banks on High Alert as ‘Rogue’ Companies House Filings Surface

Banks Under Fire for Shortchanging Small Businesses
Banks Under Fire for Shortchanging Small Businesses

Major banks are facing increasing scrutiny over their failure to offer competitive interest rates on the savings of small businesses, prompting calls for urgent action to address the issue and prevent SMEs from losing out on over £7.5 billion annually.

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Banks Under Fire for Shortchanging Small Businesses

Chancellor Urged to Boost Electric Car Sales with VAT Reduction
Chancellor Urged to Boost Electric Car Sales with VAT Reduction

Prominent car manufacturers, energy firms, and environmental advocates are calling on the chancellor to rectify a tax discrepancy that is adversely affecting the sales of electric vehicles.

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Chancellor Urged to Boost Electric Car Sales with VAT Reduction

Bill Gates went sight-seeing in Gujarat before throwing down with the world’s richest people at the Ambani’s pre-wedding party
Former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates shared his tourist experience at the world's largest statue, the Statue of Unity, before heading off to the biggest part of the year.
Lauren Boebert says she’s ‘not dumb’ and knew switching districts would be tough, but she ‘talked to God’ and he told her to press on
In December, Boebert said she would be switching from Colorado's 3rd congressional district to run in its 4th congressional district instead.
After all that, the Ambani heir isn’t even married yet
The Ambani family hosted a three-day bash in Jamnagar to celebrate the upcoming wedding between Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant.
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Taylor Swift is making Singapore a mountain of money, and some of the country’s neighbors are salty about it
Swift is scheduled to perform six shows in Singapore between March 2 and March 9. Over 300,000 tickets have been sold.
Nikki Haley just won her first primary victory in DC, but Trump is still crushing the GOP race
Haley's first primary victory comes ahead of Super Tuesday on March 5. With only 43 delegates, Haley is trailing behind Trump, who has 244 delegates.
Mike Ashley’s Frasers Group Acquires Wiggle Bicycle Retailer
Mike Ashley’s Frasers Group Acquires Wiggle Bicycle Retailer

Mike Ashley’s Frasers Group has acquired the online bicycle retailer Wiggle out of administration, seizing an opportunity amidst the industry's turmoil.

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Mike Ashley’s Frasers Group Acquires Wiggle Bicycle Retailer

A beverage brand is looking for two new employees who are real-life best friends to serve as "senior soda consultants" by visiting four cities across America.
Hollywood’s newest star is the Waymo robotaxi
Waymo, the Alphabet-owned transportation company will expand in San Francisco and begin operations Los Angeles.
The Russian pilot who defected to Ukraine was shot 5 times while less than 500 feet away from a police station: WSJ
Maksym Kuzminov, a 28-year-old Russian helicopter pilot, was living in Spain under a false identity. Authorities found him killed in February.
Macy’s and Best Buy are banking on small-format stores to lower costs and boost consumer convenience amid an ever-shifting retail landscape
Retailers have increasingly scaled back their physical footprints to not only reduce costs but boost customer convenience, per The Washington Post.
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Workers contracted with Google's YouTube Music made headlines for saying they were laid off in the middle of an Austin City Council meeting on Thursday.
Elon Musk's Tesla on Friday raised prices for some of its Model Y vehicles, including the rear-wheel drive and long-range variants, by $1,000 each after it had temporarily cut prices.
Kerry Taylor Auctions is auctioning off Colin Firth's famous white shirt from the 1995 BBC miniseries "Pride and Prejudice." The lot includes other garments and an autograph.
China might have a friendlier face now, but it’s not giving up on its aggressive Wolf Warrior diplomacy, experts say
After major shifts in China's foreign ministry toward a more amiable tone, some in the West believe Wolf Warrior diplomacy is out. Not so, experts say.
Veteran CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour confronted execs about Israeli influence in Gaza war coverage
Veteran CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour confronted network executives about the Israeli influence in the company's coverage of the war in Gaza.
Elon Musk claimed Teslas would appreciate in value post-purchase, but predictably, they’ve lost value
Elon Musk once claimed that his Tesla cars are an "appreciating asset" that would gain value after driving off the lot. That claim has flopped.
Qualcomm's AI Hub offers a library of pre-optimized AI models for devices on Snapdragon and Qualcomm platforms.
Holsten's, an ice cream parlor in Bloomfield, New Jersey, is auctioning off the iconic booth that was featured in the last scene of the HBO show "The Sopranos."
General Motors is recalling about 820,000 pickup trucks including newer Chevrolet Silverados and GMC Sierras over an issue that causes the tailgate to unlatch unexpectedly.
The Zuckerbergs were all about ‘loud luxury’ at the Ambani family’s opulent pre-wedding festivities in India
The bright colors and eye-catching designs are a new addition to the Zuckerbergs' playbook.
A man stumbled upon a 70-million-year-old dinosaur fossil but kept it secret for 2 years
A man in France found a massive and rare dinosaur skeleton while walking his dog.
In a likely Biden-Trump rematch, voters known as ‘double haters’ are poised to determine the election. Who are they?
"Double haters," who dislike both major-party candidates, could emerge as one of the most decisive voting blocs of the 2024 presidential election.
<div>Looking for a cheap TV? Walmart’s having a huge sale with prices from just $198</div>
If you're looking for a cheap TV, Walmart's having a huge sale, and I'm rounding up the best deals with prices starting at just $198.
AI startup Literal Labs wants to make GPU training obsolete with its Tseltin machine, and has hired two industry veterans to help.
Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said Friday that artificial general intelligence may not be far off and that AI could pass most human tests within the next five years.
NASA space photo shows odd-looking sky holes near Florida
These sky holes can be seen from the ground and in space. They're called cavum clouds and have a scientific explanation.
Researchers just discovered a massive ‘jacuzzi bubbling with almost pure hydrogen’ — a lucrative source of clean energy
There's a massive reservoir of hydrogen buried deep within an Albanian mine that could be a key source of clean energy.
A majority of Biden’s 2020 backers now believe he’s too old to effectively serve as president, poll says
In a Times/Siena survey, 72% of likely voters either strongly agreed or somewhat agreed that Biden is too old to effectively serve in the White House.
The legal team whose lawsuit voided Tesla CEO Elon Musk's $56 billion salary package are requesting a $6 billion legal fee from the company that would be payable in unrestricted stock.
Nikki Haley evades committing to endorse Donald Trump if he wins the Republican presidential nomination
GOP nominee hopeful Nikki Haley would not reaffirm her commitment to endorse the Republican nominee in a "Meet the Press" interview on NBC News.
It’s not just you – stores are cutting back on product variety and how many choices you can make
Retailers are cutting back on their product variety and how many options are available for consumers.
Is this the iPhone deal of the year? The iPhone 15 Pro is 0 off at Verizon – without the usual trade-in
Verizon's latest iPhone 15 Pro deal offers the first-ever non-trade-in discount we've seen - and the option to throw in a free iPad and Apple Watch on top.