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AMD is finally releasing its AMD Radeon RX 7900 GRE graphics card outside of China and the consensus so far is that it's actually great.
Quordle today – hints and answers for Wednesday, February 28 (game #765)
Looking for Quordle clues? We can help. Plus get the answers to Quordle today and past solutions.
<div>Today’s Wordle answer and hints for game #984, Wednesday, February 28</div>
Looking for Wordle hints? We can help. Plus get the answers to Wordle today and yesterday.
simp leminers redefine passive income opportunities with innovative cloud mining
simp leminers redefine passive income opportunities with innovative cloud mining

simpleminers has pioneered a transformative approach to the digital asset industry, democratising the cryptocurrency mining space by introducing revolutionary cloud mining solutions.

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simp leminers redefine passive income opportunities with innovative cloud mining

An expert panel appointed by the FAA to review Boeing's safety management processes noted a lack of awareness of safety metrics and other inadequacies in its safety culture.
Macy’s could potentially shutter the Macy’s department store it operates in San Francisco’s Union Square area, according to local media reports.
Chef Robbie Felice argued that while he is unsure how a dynamic pricing model for fast food will be received, the restaurant industry will be able to learn from it.
Apple EV car killed: 5 reasons the rumored project was scrapped
Apple is no longer working on its EV, according to Bloomberg. Here are five reasons behind its decision to scrap the project.
The full list of major US companies slashing staff this year, from Paramount to Google and Microsoft
Companies are still cutting jobs in 2024, after a wave of redundancies last year. Amazon, Google, UPS and Paramount are among those shedding staff.
Space photos from 5 recent moon-landing missions show how tiny engineering errors can cause big problems, like crashing or landing sideways
Moon landings are so complex that even the tiniest mistakes have caused missions to crash or burn. These photos from space explain why.
The Nothing Phone 2a was just shown off in person. And we were there
Nothing used the backdrop of MWC in Barcelona to show off its upcoming Nothing Phone 2a hard in person for the first time.
FOX Business host Larry Kudlow reacts to claims from The New York Times that former President Donald Trump would push prices higher if reelected in 2024.
The U.S. national debt is climbing at a rapid pace, on track to double over the next three decades amid a rush of spending by President Biden and Congress.
Best headphones for kids: Comfort, safety, and durability win every time
Kids need special consideration when it comes to the best headphones for their smaller ears and decibel limits.
Your FYP will be even quieter: Universal Music Group is pulling more songs from TikTok
Universal Music Group is removing more music from TikTok. Now, they're pulling songs published by the company.
The 55-inch Samsung The Frame TV just dropped to under ,000
The 55-inch Samsung QLED 4K The Frame TV is just $997.99 at Amazon, down from the normal price of $1,499.99. That's a 34% discount.
AI could influence ‘the whole future of war,’ starting with gaming out the next fight, experts say
Generative artificial intelligence could enhance decision-making in wargaming simulations, experts say.
Ex-partner of Trump’s Georgia prosecutor once texted that DA Fani Willis ‘absolutely’ started dating Nathan Wade before he was hired
Terrence Bradley testified Tuesday that he had no personal knowledge of when Fani Willis and Nathan Wade's relationship began, despite earlier texts.
Content note: This story contains graphic imagery. Security footage shows the moment a shooter entered a Texas megachurch with her son by her side.
<div>YouTube Music’s web app now gives you offline downloads for travel tunes</div>
You'll be able to download your favorite tracks and podcasts, but first, you need a YouTube Premium subscription.
Rumors of detailed specs for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy A55 highlight upgrades that could make it a serious contender.
Watch out, Samsung! This new Galaxy Z Flip 5 rival is the first truly affordable foldable
ZTE subsidiary Nubia has unveiled the Nubia Flip 5G, which looks like the first truly affordable foldable phone.
Apple is giving up on its decade-long effort to build an autonomous electric vehicle and will instead focus on artificial intelligence, according to a new report.
Toyota is recalling about 381,000 Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks from the 2022 and 2023 model years to address a rear axle issue in which parts may fall off and raise the risk of a crash.
Galaxy AI: Any Android, iOS phone can try it now. Here’s how.
Samsung is letting Android and iOS users test out the new Galaxy AI features even without a new Galaxy S24 device. Here's how to access it.
An infamous hacking group is reportedly behind the cyberattack that has left US pharmacies reeling
A notorious ransomware gang is reportedly behind the outage that has caused a massive backlog in filling prescriptions across the US.
I’m an interior designer. Here are 4 items I’d get at Dollar Tree, and 5 things I’d skip.
As a Gen Z interior designer, I think one of the best things to get at Dollar Tree is a clear vase. One item I typically skip is faux flowers.
The best SSD for PS5 in 2024: Top M.2 solid-state drives
The best solid-state drives for PS5 allow you to expand your console's storage space so you can play more games and enjoy super-fast loading times.
This Japanese-style wooden gaming PC shows that unique builds can be both viable and desirable.
Thousands of users have reported the issue, but Meta and Oculus are yet to act.
A new report says Apple is shuttering its car efforts and beefing up the work on generative AI
Almost half of retirees worry their money won't outlive them, and some generations worry about ever having enough to retire.
Norfolk Southern CEO Alan Shaw received significant pay raise last year despite the disastrous derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, and calls for him to be fired.
A former US surgeon general went to the ER for dehydration and ended up with a ,000 bill. He called healthcare a ‘broken system.’
Former US Surgeon General Jerome Adams said he got a $5,000 bill for a recent ER visit, highlighting big problems with the US healthcare system.
OpenAI says New York Times ‘paid someone to hack OpenAI’s products’ in federal court filing
OpenAI alleges the Times paid someone to hack their AI products and game the system to create misleading evidence for its lawsuit.
Wait. Why is Reddit losing so much money?
Why is Reddit losing money? Ahead of its IPO, Reddit's spending on research and development amounted to an eye-popping 55% of its revenue.
I got workout tips from an AI fitness coach, and it feels like the future of athletic performance tech
ai.io’s impressive movement tracking is a clever use-case of AI, and I’m interested to see where it leads.
Is the Sharing Economy Relevant to B2B Sectors?
Is the Sharing Economy Relevant to B2B Sectors?

The sharing economy is prompting a rethink of business practice. To address confusion, this transformative model is also referred to as the ‘crowd’, ‘gig’, ‘peer-to-peer’ or ‘on-demand’ economy. It operates within the context of digital technology and is based on collaborative consumption, allowing both individuals and businesses to share assets, products or services with one another.

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Is the Sharing Economy Relevant to B2B Sectors?

Kellogg is facing backlash for suggesting consumers eat cereal for dinner. The messaging comes as the cost of food is taking a huge bite out of consumers' budgets.