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They feel the threats are on the rise and are particularly wary of Russia.
Sony Pictures could be the next owner of Paramount Plus. What does that mean for rival streaming services?
Say Hello to HelloGookie, a resurrection of the HelloKitty ransomware.
Strategies and tips on using TikTok for business
Strategies and tips on using TikTok for business

By 2023, TikTok boasted an astonishing 1.7 billion users worldwide, comprising nearly a quarter of the global population. In the United States alone, the app had 150 million active users, while the UK counted over 23 million.

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Strategies and tips on using TikTok for business

Tesco Accused of Undercutting Local Shops Through Wholesale Arm, Raising Concerns Over Market Dominance
Tesco Accused of Undercutting Local Shops Through Wholesale Arm, Raising Concerns Over Market Dominance

Independent shopkeepers have accused Tesco of undercutting them by selling products for less in its stores compared to its wholesale business, Booker.

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Tesco Accused of Undercutting Local Shops Through Wholesale Arm, Raising Concerns Over Market Dominance

Asda Reports Sales Slowdown Despite Loyalty Scheme Success
Asda Reports Sales Slowdown Despite Loyalty Scheme Success

Asda, the UK's third-largest supermarket chain, has disclosed a slowdown in sales growth for the fourth quarter of its latest financial year, posing challenges for its owners who are focused on enhancing sales while reducing costs

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Asda Reports Sales Slowdown Despite Loyalty Scheme Success

Learn about the history of Starbucks, from its inception in Seattle to its current status as a global coffee giant with more than 38,000 locations worldwide.
<div>Rabbit R1: 7 things it can do that steals ChatGPT’s shine</div>
Rabbit R1 is a new AI device that is designed to lure you away from the messiness of apps.
How to watch IPL 2024 live streams online for free
Bypass geo-restrictions to watch the IPL 2024 for free from anywhere in the world.
How to change your wallpaper on iPhone
How to change your iPhone's wallpaper to a new custom design or a photo.
According to the International Monetary Fund, South Africa, Egypt, Algeria, and Nigeria will remain the top four economies in Africa until 2030.
Kenya and Uganda have agreed to integrate cultures to boost tourism revenue. The two East African countries have set their sights on cross-cultural tourism to help increase the number of visitors they receive. The decision was made after the Ugandan consulate to Mombasa attended the Uganda Festival.
Ukraine says it hit one of Russia’s oldest and proudest ships, continuing its rampage against the Black Sea Fleet
The Kommuna, which Ukraine claims to have struck, is a historic ship &mdash; but it's also a very real threat in the Black Sea.
Ukraine aid will kill Russian momentum, but won’t win it the war
The aid package was approved by the US House of Representatives, having been held up for months amid opposition from far-right Republicans.
Elon Musk got called an ‘egotistical billionaire’ by a top Australian politician in the latest beef over free speech and censorship on X
Elon Musk is facing criticism from Australian minister Tanya Plibersek over his refusal to take down content on X, formerly Twitter.
Mayton Motion's AutoPro X can to turn your car's navigation screen into a functional laptop-like display.

The four-day work week was unthinkable, except in science fiction, as recently as five years ago. But one of the many things the COVID-19 pandemic taught us is that the structure of the workplace can change significantly and still be viable. That realization has opened the door to considering a work week of four 10-hour days or even 32 hours as a real possibility. 

The idea has been around since at least the 1950s; but until recently, it hasn’t been taken seriously.

2024 KPMG poll of 100 US CEOs found that nearly one-third of US companies are exploring the idea of dropping one day a week. That may sound unimpressive at first, but think about it for a moment. Let it sink in. 

This is only the vanguard.

Four-day week trials and studies have been surprisingly positive for both employees and employers. The large UK four-day work week pilot program was so successful that, of the 61 firms that participated, 92% said they would continue their four-day work week beyond the trial, including 29% that had already decided to make the change permanent. Earlier studies were also successful. And several companies have reported success in many facets of their business with their own trials, such as US-based Exos.

Employees are receptive to the idea. A Washington Post-Ipsos conducted a year ago showed that 75% of US workers would rather work four 10-hour days than five eight-hour days for the same pay. Meanwhile, according to a survey by cloud-software vendor Qualtrics, 92% of US workers are in favor of a shortened work week, even if it means working longer hours each day.

European countries may be ahead of the curve on shorter work weeks, with the UK and Germany undertaking large-scale trials; Iceland, Portugal, and Spain are also running pilot programs; and Belgium is the first country to pass a law that gives workers the option to work a four-day 40-hour week.

Analyzing the benefits

A shortened work week can help companies attract top talent, boost employee retention, reduce employee stress, lower the carbon footprint of employees (and potentially that of the company), and save employees money on commuting and childcare. The largest benefit, however, is a major boost to work-life balance, which appears to foster an increase in work productivity. (Check out this list of pros and cons of the 4-day work week.) 

The concurrent arrival of a host of generative AI tools should also bolster productivity, mitigating any risks when switching to a four-day work week. 

Those who oppose the notion might see productivity as chiefly measured by time — so many minutes equals so much productivity. And that might be true for assembly-line manufacturing, for example; the four-day work week isn’t for every company.

For many other jobs where what’s being created is intellectual property, ideas, strategic plans, sales, marketing, and software, for instance, intellectual acuity is the essential ingredient — and burn-out is a very real challenge in such roles. To be sharp, you need to be well-rested in mind and body. A four-day work week could well boost productivity in that kind of environment. 

Even before the pandemic, some companies had begun to loosen up. Casual Fridays became work-at-home Fridays, for instance. Switching to working four days a week seems like a natural progression in that scenario.

So, it’s not surprising that a common finding of many four-day-work-week trials is that employee productivity grows, even in 32-hour weeks. More days in a week allows for more meetings, more distractions, more long lunches, and more employee procrastination. Fewer days in a week forces employees to sharpen their time-management skills and focus on completing tasks. Getting your mind out of the job for three days recharges your batteries and brings new perspective to your work, which in turn can elevate productivity.

Implementing a four-day work week

To ensure this change is successful, companies can’t just flip a switch and suddenly tell everyone that they work four days a week. According to the Harvard Business Review, four-day work week initiatives “only work if companies undertake substantial work redesign to reduce hours while maintaining business outcomes. This means streamlining operations, removing administrative burdens, and prioritizing high-impact work.” 

For more information about successfully planning a four-day work week trial or roll-out, here are useful resources:

The future of work is a complex vista of remote work, hybrid work, return to office mandates, and flexible working arrangements affected by trends like genAI and the pursuit of work-life balance. A shorter work week is a significant alternative in the mix that could reshape work as we know it. What exactly that will look like is hard to predict, but it’s likely the four-day work week will play a leading role.

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New NHS Algorithm to Enable Self-Issued Sick Notes
New NHS Algorithm to Enable Self-Issued Sick Notes

Under proposed reforms to the sick note system, individuals will soon have the option to sign themselves off work for minor illnesses using an NHS algorithm.

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New NHS Algorithm to Enable Self-Issued Sick Notes

Former Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye Receives Record £6.4 Million Pay Package
Former Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye Receives Record £6.4 Million Pay Package

Former Heathrow Airport CEO John Holland-Kaye has come under scrutiny after it was revealed that he received a record pay package amounting to £6.4 million, according to the airport's annual report.

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Former Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye Receives Record £6.4 Million Pay Package

Data shows millions of baby boomer small business owners are poised for retirement in coming years, and that means enormous potential for younger generations of aspiring entrepreneurs.
How to watch 2024 MotoGP live streams online for free in the U.S.
Watch MotoGP 2024 for free from anywhere in the world.
Get lifetime access to Babbel language learning for £120
A lifetime subscription to Babbel Language Learning (All Languages) is on sale for £120, saving you 75% on list price.
How to watch Rajasthan Royals vs. Mumbai Indians online for free
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Nigeria’s Minister of Finance Wale Edun, recently relayed that Nigeria is in the perfect position to attain a loan from the World Bank. During a press conference, he noted that Nigeria qualifies for a $2 billion loan from the global lender. He also noted that the African Development Bank has been of help with its budgetary support and low-interest funding.
People in China are so spooked about the economy that even the weak yuan isn’t stopping them from buying more gold
China's central bank has been on a buying spree for 17 straight months as it diversifies its holdings away from the US dollar.
Russia may ramp up attacks on Ukraine to capitalize on the limited window they have before new US aid arrives: ISW
The House of Representatives finally approved more than $60 billion of aid to Ukraine on Saturday, following months of delays and GOP opposition.
Tesla slashes prices for cars and software after one of its toughest weeks yet
Three models are $2,000 cheaper in the US, while the self-driving software now costs $8,000.
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Tesla announced that it will cut the price for its Full Self-Driving software by one-third from $12,000 to $8,000 as it looks to boost customer demand amid a difficult quarter.
S&P Global Ratings downgraded Israel's short- and long-term credit ratings by one notch apiece following the recent confrontation with Iran amid the ongoing war with Hamas in Gaza.
Google announced that it will consolidate some of its teams focused on developing artificial intelligence (AI) models within the Google DeepMind unit, which was created last year.
Tesla cuts prices after massive Cybertruck recall
Several Tesla cars are seeing a huge price drop just a week after Cybertrucks were physically recalled by the Elon-lead company
3 ways to leverage LinkedIn for your job search, according to a recruiter with 26 years of experience
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Any hope for a cheaper Tesla model may be on hold for now. But how about a Tesla taxi for your troubles?
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The GOP’s got a growing beef with lab-made meat
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AMD has teamed up with Arm for its Versal AI Edge Series Gen 2 adaptive SoCs for AI-driven embedded systems.
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