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The U.S. national debt is climbing at a rapid pace, on track to double over the next three decades amid a rush of spending by President Biden and Congress.
President Biden canceled more than $200 million in student loan debt across six swing states that are key to his re-election effort ahead of November.
The creator of the "Everyone Wins" gift bag to be given at the Oscars shared insight into the 2024 items — including trips, skin care, electronics, food and more.
Economists are the most skeptical they’ve been since 2022 about a recession striking
A new survey showed improving forecasts for GDP and consumer spending, among other things.
Houthi attacks on ships are giving the rebels and Iran intel on how to hunt down and strike naval targets, war experts say
The Houthis have been unable to hit a US Navy ship since their attacks began last fall, but they have managed to strike several merchant vessels.
125 House Republicans — including Speaker Mike Johnson — back a ‘life at conception’ bill without any IVF exception
An old Senate version of the bill included an exception for in vitro fertilization. Even some vulnerable Republicans have backed the hard-right bill.
A recent leak leaves nothing on the table as the renders reveal what the device's front and rear may look like at launch.
For those still using Google Pay, it's finally time to switch over to Google Wallet as the former will shut down later this year.
Tax season can be a point of stress for Americans. This guide outlines the steps to filing your taxes if you choose to go through the process without a CPA.
Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang posted a $9.6 billion increase in his net worth Thursday. The increase coincided with the chip maker's stock seeing a jump of its own.
The average 30-year fixed-rate mortgage was 6.9% for the week ending Feb. 22, according to Freddie Mac's latest Primary Mortgage Market Survey.
The story of space travel: from gunpowder to giant rockets
It’s been over a half century since humans first set foot on the Moon, but today we understand more about our universe than ever.
<div>You’re not the only person lurking on TikTok. In fact, most users don’t post at all.</div>
According to a new study from Pew Research Survey, most TikTok users don't post on the platform.
How to watch Illinois vs. Iowa basketball without cable
The best live streaming services to watch the Illinois Fighting Illini vs. Iowa Hawkeyes men’s basketball game without cable.
War reporters recall their darkest moments covering Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the struggle to cope with what they’ve seen
Journalists have shared the harsh realities of reporting on the Ukrainian war and its atrocities.
Republicans are panicking about IVF treatment being restricted in Alabama
Trump on Friday moved to distance himself from what is becoming a major political headache for the GOP.
4 business-travel policies that can help employees avoid burnout and stay mentally well during a work trip
Business leaders recommend travel policies to avoid burnout, like post-trip PTO and upgraded accommodations to improve mental wellness.

Killing VMware

When Broadcom bought VMware for $69 billion last November, we knew there would be changes. What we didn't know is that Broadcom's radical changes would leave partners and customers alike questioning their commitment to VMware.

Personally, I've never been fond of VMware. But I know many IT people swear by its wide array of products. At least, they did until recently. Now that Broadcom is showing its cards for the virtualization powerhouse's future, it's another story.

Even before then, VMware customers were doubtful about the acquisition. Forrester Research had estimated that up to 20% of VMware’s enterprise customers would quickly switch to a new virtual machine vendor

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FOX Business' Stuart Varney discusses artificial intelligence being a game changer and Democrats looking for 'ways to reign it in'
Nvidia is the gift that keeps on giving for stock investors after the chipmaker cemented its lead in the AI revolution, helping send U.S. stocks to record highs.
The "Taylor Swift effect" has seemingly reached London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. It is seeking to hire a "superfan" to help curators in an advisory role.
Constant jet launches, high tech, and tight quarters are part of daily life for US Navy members as they battle Houthi attacks in the Red Sea.
A Houston company made history by landing the first commercial US spacecraft on the moon, more than 50 years after the Apollo missions ended.
AI is having a ‘1995 moment’
The current AI revolution appears to be having a '1995 moment' like the early days of the internet &mdash; and Nvidia is leading that charge, analyst says.
The average price of gas remained at $3.27 per gallon this week. Flat demand and a decrease of supply have been factors in stabilizing the national average.
Pack your bags: REI camping and hiking gear is up to 50% off
As of Feb. 23, you can score up to 50% off camping and hiking gear at REI. Save big on tents, sleeping bags, and more.
<div>Take $150 off Dyson Zone headphones in today’s limited-time Amazon deal</div>
Save on Dyson Zone noise cancelling headphones and wearable air purifier today, Feb. 23 at Amazon. Shop Dyson deals.
Redditor robots, Sora soars, Elon may have musked the Super Bowl numbers on X and more top stories
From OpenAI's Sora to X's Super Bowl numbers, host Josh Burstein takes us on a comedic journey through the week's top stories.
Marine Corps artists brave combat and harsh conditions to sketch troops in action
Combat artists are illustrating moments of Marines in Nordic Response 24, preserving details of the exercise through coal, ink, graphite, and wax.
Google would like you to know that Gmail isn’t going anywhere
Google stepped in to clarify Gmail was not being sunset after a fake screenshot went viral on Elon Musk's X.
Shortcuts could be abused to steal data from the device, researchers said, but Apple has leapt into action.
Red teaming generative AI tools just got a lot easier with the help of Microsoft.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average shot up more than 450 points on Thursday, rocketing past 39,000 for the first time — with much of that gain attributed to one company’s earnings buoyed by artificial intelligence and cloud tech.

Nvidia’s fourth-quarter earnings report also pushed the S&P 500 to a new record and its best single-day gain of the past year. 

“Nvidia’s robust operating performance demonstrates its uniquely strong platform offerings for generative AI transformation that is seeing increasing adoption across industries and use cases,” said Raj Joshi, senior vice president for Moody’s Investors Service.

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How To Maximise Google Ads Results With A Low Budget
How To Maximise Google Ads Results With A Low Budget

Being restricted to a low advertising budget might make you think you can't get very far. Some people will even tell you always need to spend more to get ahead.

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How To Maximise Google Ads Results With A Low Budget

More drivers want to know their total cost of car ownership before they drive off the lot and many want the option of embedded insurance at the dealership, a recent Polly survey said.
How to watch Arizona vs. Washington basketball without cable
The best live streaming services to watch the Washington Huskies vs. Arizona Wildcats men’s basketball game without cable.
How to watch UConn vs. Villanova basketball without cable
The best live streaming services to watch the UConn vs. Villanova men’s basketball game without cable.
<div>How to watch UT Vols vs. Texas A&M basketball without cable</div>
The best live streaming services to watch the Tennessee Vols vs. Texas A&M Aggies men’s basketball game without cable.
Magician with fork-bending world record says Dean Phillips consultant paid him to make fake audio of Biden
Paul Carpenter, who holds world records in both fork-bending and straightjacket escaping, said a consultant for Dean Phillips' campaign paid him.