Apple plans to launch Apple TV+ movie and TV subscription in November

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Tech giant, Apple Inc., is planning to launch the Apple TV+ movie and TV subscription service by November, new report by Bloomberg shows. The move is part of Apple’s vision to reach $50 billion in service sales by 2020.

Apple is yet to confirm pricing or a release date for the service, despite announcing it five months ago. But, according to Bloomberg, the company is considering $9.99 monthly price and it will be launched in November this year.

Sources say Apple will introduce a small selection of shows and then expand its catalog over several months. A free trial is likely possible as the company builds up its library.

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The November launch of Apple TV+ coincides with the launch of Disney+ streaming service that will feature a mix of original Disney films, Marvel content, Star Wars content, and original shows and movies across all of Disney properties and networks.

While Apple plans for a $9.99 monthly price, Netflix and Amazon Prime currently charge $8.99, while Disney+ plans to charge $6.99 when its service starts in November.


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