Instagram policy change means it can delete accounts that break their rules faster

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Instagram is changing its rules so it can disable accounts that break their rules more quickly.

Instagram announced a policy change on Thursday that allows it to delete accounts that repeatedly break their rules faster. Previously, Instagram only removed accounts that had “a certain percentage of violating content.” The company has never disclosed the exact percentage though.

That percentage is still in effect, but Instagram has a new rule now that will allow it to disable accounts that break many rules more quickly.

“Today, we are announcing a change to our account disable policy. Together with Facebook, we develop policies to ensure Instagram is a supportive place for everyone. These changes will help us quickly detect and remove accounts that repeatedly violate our policies, the company posted on its website.”

The change comes amid criticisms for Instagram’s inability to block graphic images of a teen’s dead body on its platform. Though Instagram said it has used image-blocking tech to prevent the photos from spreading, but the social media platform hasn’t been able to catch everything.

Instagram said it will send warning messages to users whose accounts are in danger of being disabled for breaking too many rules. The app will alert those who have had posts removed for breaking rule, and will let them know if an account deletion is imminent.

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Before now, Instagram had deleted many accounts without warning, and the users did not necessarily understand what they did wrong. Many of those whose accounts were deleted thought their accounts were hacked since they disappeared without warning, not knowing they were deleted by Instagram.

“Today’s update is an important step in improving our policies and keeping our platforms a safe and supportive place”, Instagram said. Read more on their website.