Russian anti-monopoly watchdog begins Apple investigation over abuse of market power

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Anti-monopoly watchdog in Russia Thursday announced they are investigating Apple following a complaint from cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab which alleged that Apple is abusing its dominant market position.

The Anti-monopoly watchdog said they are investigating to know why a new version of Kaspersky Lab’s Safe Kids application was declined by Apple’s operating system, which led to a significant loss in functionality for the parental control app.

They said Apple had released version 12 of its own parental control app, Screen Time, which had similar functions to the Kaspersky program. Parental control apps allow parents to control their children’s phone and tablet usage.

When Reuters asked Apple about the Russian investigation, they referred them to an April 28 statement where they said they had removed several parental control apps from its App Store because they “put users’ privacy and security at risk.”

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Apple said many of these apps were using a “highly invasive” technology called Mobile Device Management (MDM) and that the use of MDM in a consumer-focused app violates App Store policies.