Female sex hormones could treat male coronavirus patients – New report

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Many latest research about COVID-19 present that more men are dying from the deadly virus than women.

The dying charge amongst males is 2.8% in contrast with 1.7% for girls, in keeping with a examine by China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The analysis suggests the pattern will proceed regardless of women and men being contaminated at comparable charges. So what’s it that makes ladies so a lot better outfitted to combat the virus?

Dr. Sara Ghandehari, a pulmonologist, informed the New York Times that males make up almost 75 % of COVID-19 patients in intensive care or on ventilators at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, contaminated males in New York have been dying at near twice the speed of COVID-infected ladies as of early April, NPR reports.

Estrogen and progesterone are vital to the reproductive system, however acording to The Post, scientists have lately discovered that these two hormones, that are present in a lot increased portions in ladies, additionally play an necessary position in immune help and broken tissue restore. Thus, organic ladies could have the higher hand on the subject of beating the coronavirus.

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The new discovering has led medical researchers in China and, extra lately, at Cedars-Sinai and the Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University to launch a scientific trial for learning hormones as a remedy for COVID-19 patients.

“We may not understand exactly how estrogen works [in this context], but maybe we can see how the patient does,” Dr. Sharon Nachman, from Stony Brook University, informed the Times.

The examine group at Stony Brook will embrace 110 both confirmed COVID-19 patients or patients who’re presumed to be constructive, exhibiting a minimum of one vital symptom, equivalent to excessive fever, shortness of breath or pneumonia, however who don’t require vital care or ventilator help, according to ClinicalTrials.gov

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Men aged 18 and up and girls over the age of 55 — as soon as their hormone ranges have waned as a consequence of menopause — are invited to use, The Post reported. Half of the members will put on a patch on their pores and skin containing estradiol, a sort of estrogen, for one week; the opposite half is not going to.

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Alternatively, the Cedars-Sinai trial will contain 40 males with reasonable circumstances of COVID-19, half of whom will probably be injected with progesterone, fairly than estrogen, twice a day for 5 days. Progesterone is assumed to have anti-inflammatory properties which could suppress the so-called “cytokine storm,” inflicting your immune system to overreact and assault wholesome tissue.

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But critics say that warning is required, as the present examine doesn’t take into consideration the truth that older males are “disproportionately affected” by the coronavirus in contrast with older ladies, though they’ve extra comparable hormonal profiles at that age, in keeping with Sabra Klein, who research how infections affect males versus ladies at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

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“That suggests to me it’s got to be something genetic, or something else, that’s not just hormonal,” Klein informed the Times, although she later admitted that hormone infusions in males should still present marginal immune advantages.

“You could get a beneficial effect in both men and women,” she mentioned. “But if women are better at recovery at 93 years old, I doubt it’s hormones.”