Apple to pay $113 million to settle iPhone battery complaints

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Apple Inc has agreed to pay $113 million to settle lawsuit by 33 US states and the District of Columbia over its battery issues that cause slowdown in performance of older iPhones, state officials announced on Wednesday.

The latest “batterygate” deal  is separate from the $500 million that Apple agreed in March to pay iPhone owners to settle a class action lawsuit.

“Apple withheld information about their batteries that slowed down iPhone performance, all while passing it off as an update,” said California state Attorney General, Xavier Becerra.

“This type of behavior hurts the pockets of consumers and limits their ability to make informed purchases. Today’s settlement ensures consumers will have access to the information they need to make a well-informed decision when purchasing and using Apple products,” Becerra added.

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The settlement resolves complaints about Apple’s iPhone 6 and 7 generation phones which according to the states’ complaint were susceptible to performance loss.

Apple said in court filing it agreed to the payout “solely for the purposes of settlement.” Apple did not admit any wrongdoing.

The multistate investigation into Apple is part of a wave of probes into the Tech giant’s operations and products.

In December 2017, Apple admitted that iOS software was tweaked to slow performance of older iPhones whose battery life was deteriorating to prevent handsets from spontaneously shutting down.

Critics accused Apple of surreptitiously forcing users to buy phones sooner than necessary, and the outcry forced Apple to upgrade its software and offer steep discounts on battery replacements

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Apple also settled a case with France’s consumer watchdog to pay 25 million euros ($27.4 million) in a related case.

The latest case involving Apple comes in just one month after the U.S Justice Department filed a lawsuit against Google for antitrust violations, alleging that it abused its dominance in online search and advertising to stifle competition and harm consumers. Read more

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