Britain’s Prince Charles warns world leaders of a ‘total catastrophe’

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Britain’s Prince Charles has alerted world leaders and everyone that climate change continues to be a growing issue. In a conversation with Edward Enningul, Vogue’s editor-in-chief, the Prince of Wales said it was “vital” to focus more on the battle against this environmental catastrophe and turn the tide. He was quoted saying;

“Despite lockdown, the rate of global warming is still accelerating. And we still haven’t been able to tackle this issue, which is so utterly crucial if we’re to avoid total catastrophe.”

“Which is why, it seems to me, that the vital thing now is to buy more time in the battle to make the transition to an infinitely more sustainable, decarbonized economy.”

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The Prince spoke of new technologies to be adopted as well as a change of the economy to its core.

He said: “There are extraordinary new developments in capturing carbon and finding new uses for the carbon you capture.

“But unless we take more of the emissions out of the atmosphere, particularly through coal-fired power plants and so on, we will never win this battle.

“We need to put nature back at the center of everything we do in a circular bio-economy.

“Species are becoming extinct at a rapid rate.

“We can’t go on like this, but there are solutions, we just need to act – and now.”

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The Prince of Wales, who started speaking about the dangers of climate change – as well as plastic pollution and unsustainable exploitation of natural resources – more than 50 years ago, urged everybody to adopt a more “circular economy”.

Speaking about fixing and re-utilizing old items, the future king said: “I can’t bear any waste, including food waste; I’d much rather find another use.

“Which is why I’ve been going on for so long about the need for a circular economy, rather than a linear one where you just make, take and throw away – which is a tragedy, because inevitably we over-exploit natural resources that are rapidly depleting.”

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Prince Charles is the heir to the throne (Image: EXPRESS)

Prince Charles has been actively working hard to bring positive change in the global economy in a way it can become more sustainable and less wasteful.

The Prince of Wales launched the Sustainable Markets Initiative during the World Economic Forum in January this year

This initiative urges communities, businesses, investors, and consumers to come together to take the needed steps to transition to more sustainable practices.

In June, Prince Charles launched another project stemming from the Sustainable Markets Initiative – the Great Reset.

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