VIDEO: Watch cat-like robot serve food in a Russian restaurant

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Equipped with trays and a digital screen featuring a cat’s snout, this cat-like robot not only miaows when touched, but also helps waiters in a Moscow restaurant perform contactless service to customers.

“Robot allows us to deliver big orders, said a waiter Elvis”. “Therefore, waiters have more time to talk to clients or help other guests. It helps to bring big orders so that a waiter does not need to come to the same table several times if guests ordered many meals,” he added.

The robot is disinfected every two hours to keep customers safe, according to the restaurant.

Check out the video below

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Robots are designed in different ways to be used for various purposes. The robocat in this link is designed to mimic a real animal. It miaows, semi-convincingly, and it purrs, very convincingly. Watch the video

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