Google and Facebook reportedly agreed to team up to fight any other antitrust lawsuit

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A new report published on Tuesday by The Wall Street Journal has provided details about an alleged ad tech deal between Google and Facebook. The report revealed that both companies entered into an agreement to team up and fight any lawsuit if they ever face any antitrust case again.

The development follows the recent separate massive antitrust cases brought against the tech giants by the U.S Justice Department and several states after years of accusations.

The Journal said it reviewed unredacted draft version of an antitrust lawsuit filed against Google last week.

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According to the report, Facebook struck a deal with Google in September 2018 in which it agreed not to compete with Google’s online advertising tools. In return, the social media giant was given “special treatment” when it used them itself.

The lawsuit reportedly states that the two tech giants knew their deal could trigger antitrust investigations.

A Google spokesperson told CNBC that the claims made in the lawsuit were inaccurate. “The idea that this was a secret deal is just wrong. We’ve been public about this partnership for years,” they said.

Facebook has not responded yet to the accusation.