Man fined $3,500 in Taiwan for leaving hotel room for 8 seconds while in quarantine

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A man who was self-isolating at a quarantine hotel in Kaohsiung City in Taiwan was fined NT$100,000 ($3,500) after he stepped out of his hotel room for eight seconds.

According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency (CNA), surveillance camera captured the migrant worker from the Philippines outside the door of his friend who was also self-isolating on the same floor.

Hotel employee reported the 8-second incident to the local health department, according to sources. The man will now cough out $3,500 to pay the fine for not following the country’s quarantine rule.

Taiwan has a strict quarantine policy that requires everyone coming into the country to self-isolate in a dedicated facility for fourteen days.

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They are not allowed to leave their room for any reason, and anyone caught breaking quarantine rule can be fined between $3,500 – $36,000.

Taiwan issued the policy to ensure the deadly virus is not brought into the country by international arrivals, while trying to contain the local cases in the country at the same time.

Hotel employees are tasked with monitoring guests closely to ensure they comply with the quarantine rules

The East Asian country quickly implemented mass testing and a successful contact tracing program in the early days of the outbreak.

Taiwan’s strict policy have clearly been effective so far. The country has only recorded less than 800 covid-19 cases and seven deaths since the coronavirus pandemic.

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Traveling for vacations are currently not allowed in Taiwan. According to the country’s coronavirus-induced travel ban policy, “Foreign nationals are permitted to enter Taiwan provided they are not entering for tourism or to visit friends.”