Papa John’s International announces $2.5 million in bonuses for its frontline employees

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Two weeks after Domino’s Pizza announced a total of $9.6 million in bonus for its more than 11,500 company-owned store and supply chain employees, Papa John’s International has become the latest company to announce bonus payments and appreciation for hard working employees amid the pandemic.

The Pizza company said on Tuesday it will give approximately $2.5 million in bonuses to its frontline workers as a token of the company’s “deep appreciation” for the nearly 14,000 employees working within corporate restaurants and across the supply chain.

“Never has Papa John’s growth and success depended on our team members’ hard work, steadfast dedication and commitment to safety as much as this year,” said Rob Lynch, president and CEO of Papa John’s, in a news release.

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“In particular, our frontline workers in our restaurants and supply chain have been a constant source of positivity and commitment throughout this challenging year, enabling Papa John’s to deliver to millions of new and returning customers,” Lynch said

Earlier in the year, the company reportedly provided targeted bonuses, incentives and crisis pay for some corporate restaurant and supply chain team members, in addition to expanding health, wellness, paid time-off and college tuition benefits.

Papa John’s also reiterated its efforts to feed first responders and frontline workers by donating free pizza and raising $3.6 million “for COVID-19 relief and the fight for racial justice.”

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Just like Domino’s Pizza, the Kentucky pizza company didn’t do badly this year despite the pandemic. It reported “outstanding results” in its third quarter, including a 17.1% increase in revenue compared to the same quarter in 2019.

Papa John’s International is the world’s third largest pizza delivery company with more than 5,360 restaurants in 48 countries and territories as of September 27, 2020.