VIDEO: Amazon’s robotaxi which can travel up to 75 mph, to start delivering people soon

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Amazon-owned startup, Zoox, recently unveiled a self-driving vehicle, and the company has said it will soon start offering rides to passengers.

The robotaxi features four-wheel-steering and can be driven in either direction at speeds up to 75 mph, according to the manufacturer. The autonomous car is equipped with a 133-kwh-battery pack that the company says can provide up to 16 hours of continual operation between charges.

It has seatbelts and airbag system uniquely designed to meet the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s five-star crash safety standards for all seating positions. There are cupholders and wireless charging pads for mobile devices in the vehicle.

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The robotic four-passenger taxi, which doesn’t have a steering wheel or pedals for a driver, is designed for use in a ride-hailing service with sliding doors, center-facing seats for easy access.

Founded in 2014 by Australian artist-designer Tim Kentley-Klay, Zoox was acquired by Amazon earlier this year for about $1.2 billion.


Watch the Zoox video below


In a similar development, Pennsylvania legalized autonomous delivery robots earlier this month. The delivery robots roam sidewalks to deliver goods same-day from business-to-business or from point of sale to the buyer. It weighs up to 550 pounds and can travel on roadways at a speed of 25 mph.