VIDEO: This fire-fighting robot can shoot water at 2,500 gallons per minute

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The Los Angeles Fire Department recently unveiled this compact robotic firefighting vehicle.

The Thermite RS3, the first robotic firefighting vehicle in the United States, was manufactured by Howe & Howe Inc., a subsidiary of Textron Systems Corporation. It was purchased by the LAFD Foundation, a non-profit organization supporting the department for $278,000 and donated to the Los Angeles Fire Department.

The robot is remotely operated with a controller that provides high-definition video feedback for “ultimate maneuverability in difficult conditions,” according to the LAFD.

The 3,500 pound robot can run for 20 hours without refueling and features a front plow blade to push debris, including vehicles. The frontal nozzle can shoot or spray either water or foam at 2,500 gallons per minute, with a stream that can reach high as 150 feet high or 300 feet across, according to the LAFD.

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