VIDEO: Wuhan, the birthplace of covid-19 pandemic, launches ad inviting people to visit the city

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Wuhan, the birthplace of coronavirus pandemic is back on the news. This time, not for the wrong reason. The Chinese city is extending a hand of friendship, inviting people to come and experience its natural beauty, make friends and enjoy life!

The central Chinese city in Hubei province of about 11 million people, recently launched a promotional video to attract visitors.

“Let’s Meet in Wuhan” is the translated title of the video originally posted November 13 on Visit Wuhan’s Weibo platform in Chinese. It was later shared on Facebook in English with a similar message, then on the Wuhan Culture and Tourism Bureau’s social media site.

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The video highlights ‘everything’ beautiful about the Wuhan, from its surreal floating forest in the Zhangdu Lake Wetland to the lit-up historical Yellow Crane Tower, along with Wuhan locals eating noodles.

“Wuhan never hesitates to show its beauty, and those who love it deeply hope that more people can understand it,” says the video.

“From the myriad twinkling lights along the Yangtze River and the amazing dance and music from the Zhiyin cruise, to the glittering light and beautiful voices from the livehouse……give me five! Everyone! Looking forward to meeting you in Wuhan.”

The city implemented a 76-day lockdown from Jan. 23 to April 8 after the coronavirus outbreak, slowing infection rates significantly, CNN reported. Since May, there has been no reported covid-19 case in the city, according to the report.

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A joint study carried out in April by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Tourism Research Center and Tencent Culture and Tourism Industry Research Center, said Wuhan is the top destination Chinese citizens wanted to visit after the crisis ended.

“I have goosebumps. The beauty of Wuhan has been showcased perfectly. I love Wuhan,” says one Wuhan-based Weibo user.

“I see Tongxing Lane (in the video). It’s the most beautiful alley in Wuhan,” says another user whose comment ranked the most liked hours after the video was shared.

Let’s Meet in Wuhan!! Check out the video below



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