VIDEO: Watch amazing dance moves by Boston Dynamics robot family

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The dancing robots in the video below can certainly make your day. The Boston Dynamics’ dancing robots welcoming 2021 in style have set the internet on fire with millions of views on Social Media websites.

The amazing video was put together by Boston Dynamics as part of celebration for an incredible engineering achievement.

The robots which were uniquely designed for different purposes came together as a team and performed fully choreographed dance moves to The Contours’ iconic hit song ‘Do you love me’.

In the video, two humanoid robots of the company named Atlas kicks first hit the dance floor with some quirky moves.

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But when Boston Dynamics’ most famous robot, Spot the robot dog joins in, it takes the choreography to a whole new level, twirling and bending to imitate breakdance moves.

Another robot named Handle, specially designed to move boxes also joins in, punching in some knockout moves.

Check out the video