Geography teacher accused of repeatedly having sex with her 14-year-old student begs court to release her from house arrest

Geography teacher Monica Elizabeth Young. Photo: Daily Mail
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A 23-year-old Australian high school teacher accused of repeatedly having sex with her 14-year-old student has been told she cannot go on a family holiday while she’s on house arrest.

Geography teacher Monica Elizabeth Young, 23.

Monica Elizabeth Young, 23, is facing several charges based on accusation of immoral relationship with her teenage student between June and July, according to the Daily Mail.

Accusations against the teacher include driving the boy to a western Sydney park and clambering on top of him to have sex in her car.

Police allege in court documents that, on another occasion, the boy put his hand inside Young’s tights and fondled her vagina in a classroom.

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Police believe that the incident may have been seen by another student, describing him in court as a ‘potential witness’.

Young pleaded not guilty on Monday to the five counts of aggravated sexual intercourse with a boy aged 14 to 16.

After five weeks behind bars, Young was granted bail on August 13 when her 87-year-old grandmother Sybil put up her house to cover the $850,000 bail, according to the Daily Mail.

Young’s 87-year-old grandma Sybil

She was held on strict bail conditions by the NSW Supreme Court. Her bail includes house arrest except for reporting to police every day and escorted by her parents.

Young begged the Magistrate court during court appearance to let her go on a 5-day holiday with her parents at Summerland Point on Lake Macquarie. But the court declined her request. The Court also declined her parents’ separate request to let her go with them.

The prosecutor said that letting Young go will increase the risk of her interfering with another child who was a witness.

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‘If it is granted, she would be at liberty… the bail conditions would be very difficult to enforce,’ the prosecutor said.

Young and her solicitor Gazi Abbas. Daily Mail

Magistrate Horan agreed with the prosecution, ruling the unacceptable risks were too great to let the accused go.

‘The defendant engaged in risk taking behavior sometimes proximity to students… and serious lack of judgement,’ she said.

‘The Supreme Court imposed strict bail conditions for good reason. The risks are not mitigated [by the defense’s submissions] and would allow her freer movement.

‘I hear what you’re saying, [her parents] planned a trip and may not be able to go and that may be unfair, but they offered themselves up.’

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Young, who is already fired by her school, will go for the next court hearing on September 2.


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