Ex-boss dumps 91,500 oily pennies in former employee’s driveway as his final $915 pay after resignation

Photo: Fox5Atlanta
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After months of waiting for his final pay check after leaving the job, an auto repair worker finally got the $915 his former employer owed him.

Andreas Flaten from Georgia said his ex-boss at AOK Walker Luxury Autoworks dumped 91,500 greasy pennies at the end of his driveway as final wage.

“This is a childish thing to do,” he told FOX 5 Atlanta news station after discovering the pile of pennies.

Flaten put in his two-weeks notice in November at the Peachtree City based Auto repair company but had trouble getting his final paycheck, according to the news media.

His final pay from the AOK company arrived four months later, but the pay was not OK!

Flaten said the coins, which now sit in his garage inside a large wheelbarrow, weigh over 500 pounds and are covered in what appears to be motor oil. Atop the mound was a note with an expletive scrawled across it.

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“It’s going to be hours upon hours … to clean this money up so that it’s even able to be spent,” he told FOX 5 Atlanta. “I think that’s going to be a lot of work for money I’ve already worked for.”

Andreas Flaten posing with the 91,515 pennies in his Georgia home ((Fox 5)) via Independent.co.uk

Flaten’s girlfriend, Olivia Oxley, says she suspects the ex-boss, Miles Walker, is behind the ruse after Flaten complained to the Georgia Department of Labor about the delayed payment.

Oxley wrote on Instagram:

“My boyfriends last paycheck delivered at the end of the driveway in pennies….at 8pm on a Friday. His last day was in November.
First things first, when he quit he gave a written resignation letter complete with a two weeks notice. After Miles Walker of AOK Walker auto works continued to be the asshole he is and make a normal workday hell, making unnecessary comments about my boyfriends daughter and just be an all around dick, that 2 weeks turned into 5 days. My boyfriend respectfully delivered his uniforms washed and in a box comeplete with another letter as to why he was leaving early. Fast forward 3 months and he was refusing to send out the last paycheck claiming damages to the shop. Once the word “lawyer” was introduced, this is what he did.
1. We can’t even get all the pennies up because they’re covered in some type of oil.
2. Who the hell knows how were going to get them out of the driveway, up into the car, out of the car again, and into a bank or coin star. And that’s if we can even do that because they’re covered in oil.
I’m not sure what’s worse…the fact that this man is so miserable he can’t accept an employee leaving because he’s the biggest asshole I’ve seriously ever met, or the fact that he went through THAT much effort to get $915 worth of HEAVYYY pennies just to say ‘fuck you’. I mean….couldn’t he have just pissed on the check or something?…..”

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And it appears that paying your staff this way – while not practical, moral or fair – might also not be illegal.

“There is nothing in the regulations that dictates in what currency the employee must be paid,” Eric R Lucero of the US Department of Labor was quoted by the New York Times as saying.



When asked about the pennies, Walker told WGCL he “doesn’t really remember” dumping them at Flaten’s house but said it didn’t matter either way because “he got paid, that’s all that matters.”

Flaten said he left his job at the auto shop last year due to a toxic work environment, according to the report. WGCL spoke with former Walker Luxury Autoworks employees who made similar complaints, including one man who recalled Walker ripping up workers’ final paychecks.