5 ways to fix a Chromebook that isn’t charging

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You may need to attempt a few fully completely different troubleshooting methods to fix a Chromebook that isn’t charging.

  • If your Chromebook is not going to be charging, make sure it’s plugged securely into a reliable vitality provide. 
  • If your Chromebook makes use of a USB-C cable, use the distinctive charger or one that you perceive is extreme functionality. 
  • Here are the best 5 ways to troubleshoot a Chromebook that is not going to be charging.

One good goal to buy Chromebooks is for the prolonged battery life – it is not uncommon to get 10 hours or further of runtime from many laptops working the low-power Chrome working system. But even a Chromebook needs to be charged finally.

What do you do in case your Chromebook is plugged in nevertheless not charging? This perplexing disadvantage is not going to be uncommon; regardless that it’s plugged in, your Chromebook merely is not going to price. There are a number of causes this will happen, but it surely absolutely’s usually one factor you will have the opportunity to resolve by your self. Here are 5 of the most common ways to fix your Chromebook when it isn’t charging. 

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Make optimistic the Chromebook has a working vitality provide

While a Chromebook that is not going to price could seem like a important problem, typically the fix is surprisingly simple. For occasion, make sure the power cable is securely inserted at every ends – throughout the laptop computer laptop and into the power outlet throughout the wall. You should additionally look at to make sure the outlet has vitality by plugging one factor else in and guarantee it actually works as anticipated. The outlet is probably defective, or it’s maybe managed by a wall change. 

Use the becoming vitality adapter

A welcome sample amongst laptop computer laptop makers is to dispense with proprietary chargers and permit you to excessive off the laptop with a commonplace USB-C cable. But even when your Chromebook’s vitality adapter has a USB-C cable, that doesn’t indicate merely any similar-looking USB-C vitality adapter will price your laptop computer laptop. Many chargers are low–wattage items that can not present the juice to price your laptop computer laptop. If uncertain, go uncover the distinctive vitality brick that acquired right here collectively along with your Chromebook and take a take a look at that. If you’re already using the distinctive vitality adapter, attempt swapping it out for an extra high-capacity charger.

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A USB-C power adapter for a Chromebook.
Not all vitality adapters are the an identical, and lots of wouldn’t have enough juice to recharge a Chromebook.

Unplug each half and take a take a look at as soon as extra

It’s potential there was a fault collectively along with your Chromebook charging system, which you will normally reset just by unplugging each half after which trying as soon as extra. When you attempt as soon as extra, plug the charger into your Chromebook first, then plug it into the wall.  

Check the battery by working Chrome Diagnostics

If you have acquired gotten this far and the Chromebook nonetheless is not going to price, there may be a disadvantage collectively along with your laptop computer laptop’s battery. Google comprises a diagnostic software program that can assess your battery and permit you to know whether or not it’s experiencing any essential factors. To do that from the Chrome desktop, select the time on the bottom correct after which select Settings (the gear-shaped icon throughout the pop-up window). In the Settings window, select About Chrome OS after which Diagnostics. Finally, on the Diagnostics net web page, select System and choose Run Discharge verify throughout the Battery half. 

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If you’re having trouble charging your Chromebook, take a take a look at the battery selections in Chrome Diagnostics.

Reset your Chromebook

If all else fails, it’s potential that there’s a vital disadvantage collectively along with your Chromebook. To see if there’s a software program program glitch, manufacturing facility reset your Chromebook. Sign out your Chrome OS account. Then press and preserve the Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R keys. Choose Restart when the selection appears. In the popup, select Powerwash, then Continue. Then verify in as soon as extra and see if the Chromebook could also be charged. 

As a closing resort, you will have the opportunity to Powerwash your Chromebook to reset it to manufacturing facility conditions.

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