Air fryer mozzarella sticks are tasty and easy to make

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mozzarella sticks on plate with airfryday logo

Spoiler alert: Mozzarella sticks are good. Even widespread mozzarella sticks are pretty dang tasty. Crunchy, melty, scorching cheese? There is definitely no method to make that harmful.

So, certain, this TikTok recipe from @arimonika for handmade mozzarella sticks is tasty…since you make mozzarella sticks. Now, in any case, you possibly can presumably merely preserve frozen mozz sticks in your freezer and provide you with an sincere product. Along with roasting vegetables, cooking frozen meals is probably going one of the crucial wise and useful features for the air fryer. This TikTok recipe, nonetheless, is a nice, up to date completely different. It takes solely a bit of little bit of effort and on the end you are rewarded with melty cheese. And it is going to be a minimal of marginally extra wholesome than the deep-fried mannequin. So that’s good.

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Here’s was you need to know to make the recipe.


  • 1 pound block of mozzarella cheese

  • 3 eggs

  • 1/2 cup of all objective flour

  • 1.5 cups of breadcrumbs

  • 1 small jar of marinara.


  1. Slice the block of mozzarella into planks that are roughly mozzarella-stick shaped.

  2. Next we’re doing the standard breading course of: Dredge and cowl each plank with flour, then dip into the egg, then totally cowl with breadcrumbs.

  3. For even additional crunch, dip the breaded mozz stick once more into the egg, then once more as soon as extra into the breadcrumbs.

  4. Spray your air fryer basket then air fry at 350 ranges for about 9 minutes, or until breadcrumbs look good and toasty.

  5. Dip throughout the marinara and benefit from!

The particulars

First points first, proper right here is how the finished product appeared for @arimonika.

mozzarella stick being pulled apart by fingers

Credit: Screenshot: TikTok / @arimonika

Tasty making an attempt, correct?

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My final product appeared pretty associated.

mozzarella sticks on plate

Credit: Mashable

There is, nonetheless, one change I’d likely make shifting forward. I’d swap in Italian-style seasoned breadcrumbs for the panko breadcrumbs I used. For most features, I select panko, nonetheless I imagine standard, smaller-grain breadcrumbs would offer you larger cheese safety and texture. The final product may be nearer to the mozz sticks everybody is aware of and love. The panko breadcrumbs had been a bit too craggy and didn’t cling as well as to standard breadcrumbs could’ve. Learn from my mistake.

Now, that being talked about, my mozzarella sticks had been nonetheless tasty. I did lose a little bit of little little bit of cheese to leakage all through the cooking course of, nonetheless I nonetheless purchased melty, crunchy mozz sticks. There is nothing unsuitable with that, my good good friend.

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If you happen to be the form of one which retains mozzarella sticks throughout the freezer, then I’m not sure it’s worth making this handmade mannequin. After all, with the frozen bag of mozz sticks you don’t end up with eggy fingers. You’ll moreover likely unfastened a lot much less cheese to leakage on account of the mozzarella begins out frozen, which means it won’t flip liquid and soften out.

But this could be a pleasing, easy recipe that’ll offer you a tasty lead to a pinch. It would moreover undoubtedly be a pleasing mission for a family to make collectively. In the tip, it’s crispy, melty cheese. And that is always a fantastic issue.

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