Deranged Putin ‘practised sinking Britain into the Atlantic and obliterating US’ in nuke drills, claims Russian colonel

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VLADIMIR Putin rehearsed wiping Britain and the US off the map in chilling nuke drills, a prime Russian navy knowledgeable has claimed. 

The deranged tyrant watched on as a barrage of ballistic and cruise missiles was fired as Moscow simulated a huge strike on the West.


Putin oversaw the chilling drills remotely[/caption]


A Yars intercontinental ballistic missile is test-fired as a part of Russia’s nuclear drills[/caption]


Russia’s Tu-95MS strategic bomber throughout workouts held by the nation’s strategic nuclear forces[/caption]

Colonel Igor Korotchenko, editor-in-chief of Russia’s National Defence journal, mentioned the workouts had been to follow obliterating Britain and the US in retaliatory strikes if Russia was hit by nuclear assaults.

He mentioned the UK could be “swallowed up” by the Atlantic Ocean, whereas in place of the US could be a “sea strait named after Comrade Stalin”.

Korotchenko instructed Russian state TV this was the goal of the “strategic training exercise”, often called “Operation Thunder”, amid boiling tensions over the Ukraine conflict unleashed by Putin.

He mentioned: “The Russian Minister of Defence (Sergei Shoigu) made this clear.

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“The checks had been training a large nuclear missile strike in response to a primary nuclear assault in opposition to Russia.

“Who could launch a first nuclear strike on Russia? The US and the UK.”

Korotchenko – usually used as a hardline navy pundit on propaganda TV reveals – mentioned he doubted French president Emmanuel Macron would assault Russia with nuclear weapons.

He added: “I don’t know if Macron is somebody who would be part of this journey and has been factored into this situation. 

“I am not judging, but it is clear that this [the Russian drill] was a deep retaliation scenario.”

“In this regard it is very important that we have shown who our main enemies are and what awaits them,” he mentioned. 

“There is no compromise. The signal has been sent [to the US and UK].”

Propagandist TV anchor Olga ‘Putin’s Iron Doll’ Skabeyeva requested Korotchenko:  “So we have practiced today destroying the United States and once-great Britain, right?”

He replied: “Absolutely right and… it all took place, I emphasise, after a first strike against us.”

Propagandist TV anchor and MP Yevgeny Popov mentioned this was “not insignificant”.

He mentioned: “We would have a sea strait named after Comrade Stalin in place of the United States in North America, and the Atlantic Ocean in place of Great Britain…”

“This (ought to make them) sober up and clear their minds.

“Once again, this is not nuclear blackmail, no, this is what we would really do (if) we get hit.”

Video launched by the Russian-military run Zvezda web site of Wednesday’s drills confirmed armed forces personnel in entrance of computer systems launching a Yars ballistic missile.

Other footage confirmed a Sineva intercontinental ballistic missile being fired from a submarine in the Barents Sea and a TU-95 bomber that launched cruise missiles.

The Kremlin mentioned that every one duties set for the train had been fulfilled and all the missiles that had been test-fired reached their designated targets.

Putin noticed the annual train remotely as Russia rehearsed its response to a nuclear assault.

It comes after a US official warned of “troubling developments” involving Russia’s nuclear arsenal.

Fears are rising that Putin, 70, may detonate a nuke as Moscow continues to wildly swing its nuclear sabre.

The tyrant is changing into more and more annoyed as his troops have been hit with a collection of disastrous defeats throughout the frontline in Ukraine.

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There are issues that if Vlad finds himself boxed into a nook, he may resort to utilizing nuclear weapons.

Putin has repeatedly raised the spectre of utilizing the weapons – and it’s feared he may doubtlessly be lining up a test in the Black Sea.


A missile was additionally seen being fired from a submarine[/caption]

Russian navy personnel in the missile management

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Author: Katie Davis