Extraordinary moment woman nearly dives into the mouth of TIGER SHARK off Hawaii in terrifying near-miss

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HORRIFYING footage displays the shocking moment a woman narrowly misses diving straight into the mouth of a hungry tiger shark.

The terrifying video displays the diver, Ocean Ramsey on the brink of bounce into the water, off the coast of Hawaii, unaware the predator is lurking near the boat.

The diver is on the brink of bounce into the water
She shortly backs up after recognizing the shark
She narrowly misses diving into the predator’s mouth

The expert diver might be seen checking the water using her masks first shortly backing up after recognizing the shark.

She is able to get once more on the boat as the shark opens its mouth in a position to chunk.

The tiger shark, named Queen Nikki just about touches the woman’s flippers sooner than slowly swimming away.

The unbelievable footage was shared on Ocean’s Instagram the place the free diver often shares jaw-dropping encounters with sharks.



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The caption reads: “We love Tiger shark Queen Nikki’s enthusiasm to greet @oceanramsey.

“Ocean learning an methodology shortly and exactly understanding when to respectfully once more up. 

“@oneoceandiving the safety diver is all the time the first particular person in the water and the closing particular person out and the one accountable for respectfully evaluating the sharks habits sooner than inviting others into the water. “

The submit gives that the scary interaction left the diver ” laughing larger than shocked.”

In an equivalent incident, terrifying footage showed a man scrambling to get back on a ship after he is narrowly missed by a shark.

While in one different clip, a massive 12ft tiger shark can be seen swimming directly under a surfer.

Tiger sharks, often found in the waters of the Pacific, are usually between 10ft and 13ft nonetheless can attain 16ft in dimension.

They are recognized to have the widest meals spectrum of all sharks, along with dolphins and even totally different smaller sharks.

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While they’re second solely to the good white in recorded lethal assaults on individuals, the assaults are unusual.

Tiger sharks are thought of a near-threatened species in consequence of of finning and fishing by individuals.

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