I’m a Twitter worker. Here’s what it’s like at the company a day before Musk’s purchase deadline.

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Elon Musk.
Elon Musk is predicted to amass Twitter this week.

  • Elon Musk is more likely to purchase Twitter on Friday, six months after first providing to purchase it.
  • One worker described attempting to work out who’d be at threat if main layoffs had been to occur.
  • The worker stated they remained “cautiously optimistic” about a Musk takeover.

This as-told-to-essay is predicated on a dialog with a Twitter worker about Elon Musk’s anticipated takeover of the company. The individual requested anonymity as a result of they are not licensed to talk publicly. Insider has verified the individual’s id and employment. The following has been edited for size and readability.

Elon Musk is obsessive about puns. That’s what I took away from the viral video of his walking into the office with a kitchen sink. It’s like he is saying, “Let that sink in.”

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Over the previous couple of weeks, even the individuals who weren’t actually anxious are actually getting anxious. Especially after we heard Musk had stated he’d be laying off 75% of the staff.

When I first heard that, my colleagues and I gathered to do some fast serviette calculation to attempt to determine the place he received that quantity from. It appears like on a very excessive degree, he will lower prices via wage and wages to repay his debt service prices.

People are asking, if heads are going to roll, whose good graces do you might want to be in to remain?

Most individuals assume layoffs are going to be fairly rapid. I do not assume our site-reliability engineers should be anxious, although. On the different hand, machine-learning engineers, or the individuals answerable for constructing experimental providers, are extra anxious.

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I’d be extra anxious if Musk decides to wipe out groups indiscriminately as a result of then it’s simply a roll of the cube. But as of now, I’m not that anxious. I scored very excessive on my newest efficiency evaluation; they’re extra more likely to lower people who find themselves ranked decrease than me.

I do not assume my colleagues and I’ve a good mannequin for the way risky he’s — and I can see that rocking the boat, particularly if he makes extra feedback that make individuals say, “What the hell?”

There are additionally individuals right here who’re simply unfazed by his volatility. They’re not going to react in any means.

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I feel the strongest reactions have died down over time, with many individuals that had been most skeptical of him having already left. Everyone who’s stayed is deciding to see the place it goes.

I’m nonetheless cautiously optimistic about Elon Musk taking on the company, however it’s all contingent on how indiscriminate he’s if and when he lays off 75% of the workers.

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