Inside the city where EVERYONE lives in the same 14 floor tower with its own post workplace, church & police station

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A STRANGE city where all its residents stay in the same constructing has its own post workplace, church and even a police station.

All 272 residents of the distant city of Whittier situated at the prime of the Passage Canal in Alaska stay in the same 14- floor tower block.


The city’s 272 residents stay in the Begich Towers[/caption]


A1MY1N Whittier Prince William Sound Chugach National Forest Alaska[/caption]


The city of Whittier has been dubbed ‘Alaska’s weirdest city’[/caption]


The city is situated at the prime of the Passage Canal in Alaska[/caption]

The constructing, known as Begich Towers, has every thing a city would have, together with a church, a post workplace, a market, a clinic, a police station and a faculty.

The solely manner in and out of the sleepy city is a single-lane tunnel that’s greater than two miles lengthy and automobiles can solely drive in both path as soon as an hour.

The tunnel stays closed at night time so the city, which has been dubbed “The weirdest city in Alaska,” is totally off the grid till the subsequent morning.

Dave Dickerson and his spouse Anna advised CBS Sunday Morning: “People think it’s weird.”



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“If I had one word, I would say it’s magical,” Anna stated.

She added: “I feel like it’s made us better people. Because it doesn’t matter where you came from, how much money you have, you know, we’re all just here in this town trying to make it work.”

The city has a faculty situated straight behind the tower, related by an underground tunnel.

The city’s trainer Erika Thompson beforehand advised Far Out magazine: “I believe what folks don’t realise is that it’s similar to an condo constructing.

“Or it’s similar to a high-rise rental in a big city. So, for me, it’s not that unusual.

“That’s where I grew up—I grew up in a big city everybody lived in an apartment building… but not the entire town.”

Another resident Lee Shuford advised CBS News, when requested what folks ought to learn about Whittier: “I simply need them to understand it’s only a distinctive, stunning place in its own manner.

“Before you judge the town of Whittier, you need to come visit it first.”

 Tiktoker Jenessa began sharing clips of life in Whittier and bought a number of questions from individuals who wished to search out out extra about the unusual city.

She advised CBS: “I think the weirdest question that I got was like, ‘Is it a cult?’”

“It’s like, no, it’s not! I bought so many feedback on my TikTok saying, ‘It looks sad. It looks depressing.’

“The community here, it’s so nice that you don’t really ever feel sad. And you always have someone to talk to.”

The “town under one roof” was developed by the US Army throughout Wold War 2 and was used as a navy harbour and logistics base.

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Designed to function the headquarters of the US Army Corps of Engineers, it was accomplished in 1957 and has a complete of 150 residences.

The city that’s close to the Prince William Sound, a well-liked Glacier Cruise, is a well-liked cruise docking level.


The solely manner in and out of the city is a single-lane tunnel[/caption]

Youtube/CBS Sunday Morning

Whittier even has its own post workplace[/caption]

Youtube/CBS Sunday Morning

The city has its own grocery retailer the Kozy Korner[/caption]

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