Russian women worried about their sons dying in Ukraine should have more infants, influential Orthodox priest says

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russian families
Families say farewell to Russian males who have been known as as much as combat in Ukraine.

  • Vladimir Putin ordered the partial mobilization of 300,000 army reservists final month. 
  • An Orthodox priest was requested if he sympathizes with the moms of mobilized Russian recruits. 
  • Mikhail Vasilyev stated women should have more infants if they’re unhappy about their sons going to struggle.  

An influential Orthodox priest stated that Russian women worried about their sons dying in Ukraine should have more infants. 

In an interview with the Russian TV channel Spas on Wednesday, Mikhail Vasilyev was requested whether or not he sympathizes with moms whose sons were recently mobilized to fight in the struggle in Ukraine.

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“I understand very well that God has allowed every woman — in most cases — to have many children,” Vasilyev stated.

“And if a woman fulfills this God’s commandment to procreate, it usually means that she will have more than one child, in most cases,” he added. “Consequently, it will not be as painful and as terrifying for her to part with her child.”

The interview was posted in a widely-shared Telegram submit. 

Vasilyev is the chief of the Church of Great Martyr Barbara in Rostov Oblast, Russia’s sixth most populous federal area.

He beforehand accompanied Russian troops to struggle zones in Bosnia, Kosovo, Chechnya, and Syria, The Telegraph reported in 2018. It is unclear whether or not Vasilyev, who has army coaching himself, has traveled to Ukraine since Russia’s invasion.

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Last month, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the partial mobilization of 300,000 military reservists in an effort to stem a string of defeats for his military in Ukraine. 

The announcement prompted a renewed wave of protests throughout Russia whereas a whole bunch of hundreds attempted to flee to nations with visa-free entry. Videos circulating online additionally confirmed households tearfully bidding farewell to conscripted males, who departed on buses. 

Some draftees have already been killed or captured in Ukraine after experiences that they acquired little or no coaching earlier than being despatched out to the battlefield, The New York Times reported. 

On Tuesday, Putin admitted that Russia faces “issues” in the Ukraine war and urged his group to “provide support for the special military operation.”

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