This photo of a 1905 dockyard ‘proves’ time travellers DO exist… can you spot why?

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A PHOTO of a dockyard from 1905 has popped up on-line – and it’s stated to show time travellers actually do exist.

The black and white snap captures a busy New York scene, with horses and carriages, and males wearing high hats and fits.


This snap of a New York dockyard is circulating on-line as ‘proof’ time journey is actual[/caption]


And believers say that’s all as a result of of this man – and his hair[/caption]

It is alleged to have been taken on the Lower Manhattan banana docks on the very starting of the twentieth century.

But eagle-eyed believers assume they’ve noticed one thing out of the unusual for the period.

One of the few males who isn’t sporting a hat seems to have a coiffure that doesn’t exist but – a mohawk.

Believers are saying that should imply the person, who’s dressed the identical as the opposite staff, is a time traveller.

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Perhaps that’s the case, or maybe, extra logically, the person had no concept his ‘do would develop into a rocking hit in many years to come back.

This isn’t the primary time traveller concept to flow into just lately.

Conspiracy theorists have been just lately left in a flap after supposedly recognizing a woman using a laptop in an ancient Greek tombstone.

A bonkers concept claims it’s proof a time traveller took a moveable pc again to when the marble reduction was sculpted in 100BC.

TikTok has just lately develop into awash with people who claim that they are from the future, or from the previous, and have the power to maneuver between certain points in time.

It has prompted some alleged travellers to subject ground-breaking predictions corresponding to potentially fatal meteor events and even a cure for paralysis.

A so-called time traveller shared new movies on board a helicopter as “proof” he’s caught in a post-apocalyptic future.

Javier – who calls himself Lone Survivor – claims he’s posting from the yr 2028 in a world with no other people.

Some of his seven million followers challenged him to show his claims by going into a military base close to ValenciaSpain.

Last month he posted footage of deserted barracks and a museum piece helicopter – though it was unclear if he was inside the bottom itself.

A couple of weeks later he adopted it up with extra footage that seems to indicate him climbing on board a trendy rescue chopper.

He wrote within the caption: “If I can turn it on, where do you want it to go?”