Twitter isn’t free: The 10 best tweets of the week

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illustration of twitter bird with screenshot of tweet

Welcome to Elon Musk’s Twitter.

The billionaire’s bid to buy the social platform really, lastly, actually went by means of after a long, dramatic saga. So, uh, what now? Honestly who is aware of, however Musk has promised to doubtlessly fire a bunch of people and to mainly do customer support for a right-wing troll. Not precisely regular occasions for Twitter.

For now, we have collected the absolute best and funniest tweets of the week, like we all the time do. Because who is aware of what the future holds.

1. This is an attractive sight to behold out in the world.

2. The factor is that it is a right commentary, regardless of when it was made.

3. Sometimes it’s essential to go vibe in the lavatory. That is OK. In reality, it’s good.

4. Beans. Beans!

5. Morning individuals must be managed and watched, not empowered.

6. If I had been a chook, then I’d not be in the state of Ohio for a big interval of time. Simple as that.

7. You pay along with your soul ever single time you go online to Twitter. It takes little soul micro-transactions to go online. Everyone is aware of that.

8. An compulsory dril tweet.

9. Just an excellent lit joke for you.

10. And lastly, this tweet.

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