Ukraine news LATEST: Desperate Putin ‘using conscripts’ as cannon fodder as Russia ‘sending soldiers to their DEATHS’

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RUSSIA is using “mobilised reservists” in its battle on the Dnipro River due to “extremely low” manpower, British intelligence suggests.

Madman Vladimir Putin is reportedly sending these “poorly trained” soldiers to their deaths, as he desperately makes an try to preserve onto land throughout the space.

According to the MoD, Russia will need to recruit “higher quality” soldiers if it hopes to secure the location.

This comes as Ukraine’s steadfast president Volodymyr Zelensky slammed the “crazy” Kremlin for sending Russian troops “to their deaths.”

“This is where the craziness of the Russian command is most evident. Day after day, for months, they are driving people to their deaths there, concentrating the highest level of artillery strikes,” Mr Zelensky talked about in his nightly sort out.

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