Wordle at the moment: Here’s the reply, hints for November 1

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Spooky season is over, Mariah season has begun, and at the moment is the five hundredth Wordle! It was round this time final 12 months that Josh Wardle’s puzzle recreation started to choose up steam on-line, quickly changing into a each day behavior for hundreds after which a whole bunch of hundreds. Whether your streak’s solidly in the multiple-hundreds at the moment otherwise you’re a daily X/6er doing all of your finest, we’re right here to assist with useful hints, as we do every day.

If you simply need at the moment’s phrase, you may leap straight to the finish of this text for October 31’s Wordle resolution, for puzzle #499. If you’d relatively work by means of it your self, preserve studying for some ideas, methods, and clues.

Where did Wordle come from?

Wordle was initially created by engineer Josh Wardle as a present for his associate, although it rapidly unfold till it turned a global phenomenon. Thousands of gamers throughout the globe deal with Wordle every day, with some followers even having created alternate versions of the daily word puzzle game. These embrace battle royale format Squabble, music identification recreation Heardle, and variations like Dordle and Quordle that make you guess multiple words at once

The reputation of Wordle even reached such heights that the New York Times bought it earlier this 12 months, whereas TikTok creators live-stream themselves playing it.

What’s the finest Wordle beginning phrase?

The purpose of Wordle is to have enjoyable, and there is not any proper solution to have enjoyable. Just select no matter beginning phrase feels proper to you, and do not let anybody disgrace you for it. However, if you wish to take a extra strategic method, we have a few ideas that can assist you decide a phrase that may spark pleasure. One tip is to pick out a phrase that features no less than two totally different vowels, plus some widespread consonants like S, T, R, or N.

What occurred to the Wordle archive?

The entire archive of past Wordles was once accessible for anybody to play in wonderful days passed by. Unfortunately it has since been taken down, with the web site’s creator stating it was accomplished at the request of the New York Times.

Is Wordle getting more durable?

If you are discovering Wordle too simple, you may strive enabling its Hard Mode to present your mind a harder problem. But Wordle isn’t getting any harder by itself — it is the identical problem that it is all the time been. 

Why are there two totally different Wordle solutions some days?

Wordle is a enjoyable, collective expertise particularly as a result of everybody’s fixing for the identical phrase on daily basis. Occasionally, although, Wordle has accepted two totally different options as appropriate on the identical day. This is as a result of the New York Times made changes to the Wordle word list after acquiring it, and sometimes swaps out words from the original list. To make sure you’re getting the proper reply on daily basis, refresh your browser earlier than you play — the website will save your streak.

Here’s a delicate trace for at the moment’s Wordle reply:

It’s certainly one of the scents of the season.

Does at the moment’s Wordle reply have a double letter?


Today’s Wordle is a 5-letter phrase that ends with…

The letter… Y. (Yup, the identical as yesterday!)


What’s the reply to Wordle at the moment?

Get your guesses in — it is the final name earlier than we reveal the reply to at the moment’s Wordle!

Are you prepared?

The resolution to Wordle #500 is…


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