‘World’s saddest bear’ tried to bite his way out of tiny cage where he was forced to VOMIT for bizarre medicine

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AN ABUSED bear dubbed the “saddest in the world” was saved locked up in a tiny cage and forced to vomit so it is perhaps used for a bizarre medicine.

The Asiatic black bear, named Soi, tried to escape the horrific circumstances by gnawing on the bars of his enclosure.

Jam Press/Four Paws

Tragic Soi was confined to a tiny cage for the first years of his life in Vietnam[/caption]

Jam Press/Four Paws

The Asiatic black bear desperately tried to escape by gnawing on the bars of the cage[/caption]

Jam Press/Four Paws

The animal was cruelly forced to be sick so the bile is perhaps used for Chinese medicine[/caption]

He spent the first years of his life cooped up throughout the minuscule makeshift pen that is smaller than a vehicle, leaving him visibly miserable.

Soi’s former proprietor who lives in throughout the Son La province of Vietnam is believed to have sickeningly purchased him illegally to maintain as a pet.

According to animal welfare group Four Paws, he weighed merely 7kg when he was a youthful cub.

He finally agreed to hand him over to authorities after the bear’s harrowing residing circumstances acquired right here to gentle.



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The cruel proprietor had been retaining Soi captive throughout the hellhole cage throughout the once more yard of a residential home.

Four Paws rescue group had been forced to decrease open the enclosure to free tragic Soi, who spent years cooped up throughout the enclosure.

They had been initially educated that Soi was 17-years-old, leaving them stunned to uncover he was the reality is solely spherical two-and-a-half years earlier all through his first effectively being take a look at.

Following his rescue, the majestic Asiatic black bear was taken to the vets who fortuitously found his effectively being was in good state of affairs.

But they did uncover indicators of bar biting – as a sorrowful Soi tried to chew on his cage throughout the hopes of escaping.

Four Paws say that it was likely that he was purchased illegally as a pet and used for bile bear farming.

Campaigners proceed to identify for your entire abolition of the sick course of – with an estimated 10,000 of the animals, primarily photo voltaic and brown bears nonetheless held in captivity, in accordance to Animals Asia.

Bile from various species of bears, along with Asiatic black bears and brown bears like, has been utilized in typical Chinese medicine since on the very least the eighth century.

It accommodates extreme ranges of ursodeoxycholic acid which is utilized in typical Chinese medicine to cope with liver sickness and help dissolve gallstones.


Soi is now acknowledged to be “happier than ever” whereas residing amongst totally different rescued animals at a bear sanctuary in Ninh Binh, Vietnam.

An entire veterinary examination on the sanctuary will further determine his effectively being standing and future needs.

Emily Wilson, Head of Campaigns at Four Paws, acknowledged: “Bears nonetheless saved on bear farms in Vietnam endure from cruel retaining circumstances, locked up in metallic cages with barely any room to flip spherical, and lined up in darkish sheds with none daylight.

“Here they’ll endure bile extraction, which, regardless of being illegal, stays to be practised, and intensely painful.

“Bears need to roam spherical, climb, dig, and swim and should have the freedom to categorical their pure behaviours.

“The remaining bears in Vietnam still have a chance at a better life. But, if Hanoi keeps undermining the country’s commendable progress, their future looks grim.”

The bile is harvested by making a eternal hole throughout the bear’s abdomen and gall bladder – which could sometimes lead to painful infections and diseases.

As a end result, many bears injury and even kill themselves by punching their stomachs, and are sometimes fitted with iron vests to stop this.

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Use of bear bile from captive animals is allowed in China, nonetheless is bile from wild bears is banned, as is importation from totally different nations.

The mammals are usually farmed for their bile for spherical 20 years and are killed after they stop producing it.

Jam Press/Four Paws

Four Paws rescuers had to decrease open the hellish cage to free Soi[/caption]

Jam Press/Four Paws

He has now been rehomed and is prospering at an animal sanctuary[/caption]

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