Apple offers a deep dive into the Watch Ultra’s premiere diving app, Oceanic Plus

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Starting right now, Apple Watch Ultra house owners can obtain the tech big’s new diving app Oceanic Plus to show its latest wearable into a leisure dive laptop.

The Watch Ultra already has the Depth app, which may let you know the depth and the temperature of the water. Oceanic Plus shows the identical data, however if you wish to take diving extra severely, you’ll want one thing extra. The app homes a no-decompression timer to set limits on how deep you possibly can dive and for the way lengthy so customers don’t endure from decompression illness. Its consumer interface (UI) shows brightly color-coded indicators to let you recognize when it is okay to dive deeper, cease, or decelerate. It seems the UI was a key focus for the builders as typical dive computer systems might be robust to know, particularly for newcomers. 

Planning out dives

Present on the app is a dive planner the place you possibly can see what circumstances, reminiscent of the tide and currents, are like for the day. You may create a floor time for when it’s a must to return. Once you hop out of the water, you can be given a transient post-dive abstract report displaying how far you dove, amongst different issues. For a extra in-depth report, you possibly can obtain the iPhone model to let you know the precise velocity at which you dove and even document any native wildlife you might need seen. Some reports do declare the iPhone app “needs a little bit of work” on account of some “graphic inconsistencies” like textual content misalignments.

Notifications from the planner are despatched by way of vibrations highly effective sufficient to penetrate wetsuits 7mm (round 0.27 inches) thick. According to the announcement, haptic suggestions was chosen as a result of sound propagates extra underwater. If you’re diving with somebody who has a dive laptop that beeps, it may be troublesome to find out the place a sound notification is coming from. Oceanic Plus additionally reconfigures the Action button so the app can be utilized even when you’ve got a wetsuit on. Pressing the button earlier than diving launches Oceanic Plus into a predive display screen. Pressing mid-dive marks your location. 

Before downloading the app, it is advisable ensure your Watch Ultra is operating watchOS9.1 and it’s paired up with an iPhone 8 or later. You can, nonetheless, use a second-generation iPhone SE or later with iOS 16.1 put in. Oceanic Plus is free, however for $9.99 a month, new options might be added like “decompression tracking [and] location planner…” The base app has “common dive functions” reminiscent of a timer and depth indicator.

It’s essential to reiterate that Oceanic Plus is extra for leisure diving. The app solely works as much as 40 meters (130 ft) underwater. Also, it might’t hold observe of a scuba tank’s oxygen stage as different diving computer systems can.

Other gadgets

We extremely doubt Oceanic Plus will see launch on different Apple machine because it was specifically made for the the Watch Ultra. In reality, the machine is WR100 and EN 13319 licensed. The former means the Watch Device can survive depths to 100 meters (though Apple recommends don’t go greater than 40) whereas the latter means it’s “internationally recognized” as a diving accent. 

With an $800 price ticket, the Watch Ultra might be costlier than typical dive computer systems which may vary from a couple of hundred {dollars} as much as $1500, in accordance with our analysis. But given the Watch Ultra’s utility and extra pleasant UI, Oceanic Plus may presumably set a new normal for leisure divers.

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