Chinese state media mouthpiece threatens to NUKE Australia after US deploys giant B-52 bombers amid escalating war fears

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A CHINESE state media mouthpiece has threatened to unleash nukes on Australia after the US deployed nuclear-capable bombers to the nation.

America is alleged to be planning to despatched up to six B-52 bombers to an air base in northern Australia amid escalating tensions with China.


A US B-52 bomber pictured because it arrived in Britain earlier this yr[/caption]

Beijing fired Dongfeng ballistic missiles into waters surrounding Taiwan in August

China’s Dongfeng anti-ship ballistic missiles, able to touring greater than 1,500km[/caption]


Prime Minister Anthony Albanese stated Australia engages with the US on defence alliances ‘from time to time’[/caption]

Dedicated services for the bombers might be arrange on the Royal Australian Air Force’s distant Tindal base – about 190 miles south of Darwin, sources stated.

The US has drawn up detailed plans for a “squadron operations facility” with a upkeep centre and a parking space for the B-52s, in accordance to the ABC’s Four Corners programme.

“The ability to deploy US Air Force bombers to Australia sends a strong message to adversaries about our ability to project lethal air power,” the US Air Force stated.

But the information sparked a livid response from Beijing – with the previous editor-in-chief of the state-run Global Times issuing a chilling warning to Australia.

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Commentator Hu Xijin stated Australia would want to “bear the risks” of the army transfer – and boasted about China’s personal weapons.

He wrote on Twitter: “The PLA’s Dongfeng missiles positively fly sooner than the B-52 bombers.

“If Australia wants to become a ‘big Guam,’ then it must bear the corresponding strategic risks.”

The nuclear-capable Dongfeng missiles are a variety of weapons operated by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army – initially developed through the Cold War period with the assistance of the Soviet Union.

Three years in the past, China unveiled the terrifying Dongfeng-41 – a 7,672mph intercontinental ballistic missile that would attain the US in half-hour.

Meanwhile, the B-52s are able to delivering each nuclear and traditional weapons – with a fight vary of greater than 14,000km.

Becca Wasser, senior fellow on the Centre for a New American Security, stated deploying B-52s in Australia could be a warning to Beijing as fears develop about an invasion of Taiwan.

But Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian warned the deployment of the bombers might “trigger a regional arms race”.

“The relevant practices of the US side have increased tensions in the region, seriously undermined regional peace and stability, and may trigger an arms race in the region,” Zhao stated.

“China urges the parties concerned to abandon the old Cold War zero-sum mentality and narrow geopolitical concepts, and do more to contribute to regional peace and stability and to enhance mutual trust.”

Richard Tanter from the Nautilus Institute stated the transfer tremendously expanded Australia’s dedication to any US war with China.

“It’s a sign to the Chinese that we are willing to be the tip of the spear,” he advised Four Corners.

“It’s very arduous to consider a extra open dedication that we might make.

“A more open signal to the Chinese that we are going along with American planning for a war with China.”

The related practices of the US facet have elevated tensions within the area, critically undermined regional peace and stability, and will set off an arms race within the area

Zhao LijianChinese Foreign Ministry spokesman

And Dr Malcolm Davis, a senior analyst on the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, stated it was a “sensible move” given the mounting threat of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

“It’s important that Australia step up to support US extended nuclear deterrence in new ways, to strengthen integrated deterrence in the Indo-Pacific, and to burden share with the US to dissuade China from using force to resolve territorial disputes,” Dr Davis wrote on Twitter.

“Hosting B-52s represents a visible step of Australian commitment to the US-Australia strategic alliance that is so vital to our defence and national security.”

The US, the UK and Australia already enraged China after making a safety deal that can present Australia with the know-how to deploy nuclear-powered submarines.

Thousands of US Marines already rotate by way of the Northern Territory yearly for coaching and joint workout routines – began underneath President Barack Obama.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese stated Australia engages with the US on defence alliances “from time to time”.

“There are visits, of course, to Australia, including in Darwin, that has US Marines, of course, on a rotating basis stationed there,” Albanese stated.

According to stories, the Tindal air base plan is predicted to price up to $100 million and be accomplished by 2026- and it’s stated to be a part of a a lot bigger improve defences throughout northern Australia.

The Department of Defence confirmed the US was “funding a project to construct an aircraft parking apron at RAAF Base Tindal, which is capable of accommodating up to six B-52 aircraft and other aircraft types”.

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“The project provides functionality for Australian Defence Force use and can also host other aircraft types, enhancing our capacity to train with and host international partners,” a spokesman stated.

“United States bomber aircraft, including B-52s, have been visiting Australia since the early 1980s and conducting training in Australia since 2005.”

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