Is fake Martin Scorsese film ‘Goncharov’ the internet’s best shared delusion?

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I believe we, as a society, can all agree that each mafia film pales compared to Martin Scorsese’s 1973 film Goncharov. It’s the blueprint. It outlined a style. It also never existed.

Instead, Goncharov is a wholly made up film, communally created by customers on Tumblr which then seeped into the posting and meme ecosystems of different websites like Twitter, TikTok, and Reddit. You might need scrolled proper by a Goncharov reward publish, not understanding that what you had simply learn was a deeply wealthy piece of Tumblr lore. I do not blame you for skipping yet one more film opinion, however Goncharov is particular. 

The universe of Scorsese’s Goncharov continues to be rising, too. The fake cult favourite film has now been reported on by quite a few shops, together with Polygon, NBC, BuzzFeed, and even The New York Times. The official Tumblr Twitter account has acknowledged the film in a number of posts (spot Robert DeNiro as the titular Goncharov in the account’s profile image), and Ryan Reynolds posted about his favorite Goncharov line on his new Tumblr account.

At this level, it is onerous to parse what’s actual and what’s fake — a shared web joke, communal delusion, or the best experiment in neighborhood fiction writing ever identified to man? Whatever it’s, the Goncharov meme has gone about so far as one might presumably take it. But what’s extra true to the essence of a “cult movie” than one which’s solely made up by a bunch of nameless Tumblr customers and became a meme?

If you are new to the Goncharov fandom or have some web FOMO, this is a brilliant shallow dive into the Goncharovian Lore:

Goncharov‘s delivery

The meme’s origin is linked to previous Tumblr lore, lining up completely with the social media platform’s rejuvenation impressed by the revival of 2014 Tumblr aesthetics and customers’ obvious exodus from Twitter again to Tumblr.

Some customers linked Goncharov to an old image of a sneaker posted by Tumblr person “zootycoon“,  which was embroidered with a label that learn, “The greatest mafia movie ever made. Martin Scorsese presents: Goncharov” and was accompanied by a complicated caption about an advert for a nonexistent film. Fact verify! That’s an edited image. Goncharov‘s true origin is as mysterious as its foremost character…

A yr of refined Goncharov posting culminated on this week’s surge in content material, beginning with a fan-edited poster:

ballooning well beyond memes into fan posts, mood boards, fake trailers, a title score, and even complete scenes of storyboarding and scripting. The so-called “Gonch-posting” continued, and there is even an official Goncharov Lore Google Doc the place you’ll be able to watch the writing stay.

Goncharov turns into our unlikely mafia hero

Scorsese’s Goncharov was instantly labeled as the preeminent mafia film, in the identical realm as The Godfather or Goodfellas, and subjected to the identical crucial film evaluation.

In this story, customers inform the story of our foremost character Goncharov (that is his final identify, by the method. His first identify is another layer of lore.), a former Russian mob man who has given up the darkish life to cool down together with his spouse Katya. While in Naples, he’s compelled again into organized crime and meets a brand new rival named Andrey aka “The Banker.” There’s additionally “sad boy” Mario, and later “Ice Pick Joe” (an American man named Joe who kills folks with an ice choose and wears a watch patch). Lastly, there’s Sofia, who varieties a detailed (romantic) bond with Katya.

Goncharov is canonically performed by Robert De Niro, by the method, and a younger Al Pacino is usually Mario and generally Andrey (relying on who you ask).

Goncharov fandom divided between the bridge scene and the bus scene

The “resurgence” of Goncharov content material additionally meant a deep evaluation of its best scenes, characters, and hidden meanings — all created on the spot by Tumblr customers and reframed as actual evaluation, even linking to fake film critics and tutorial journals.

There’s a bridge scene, the place one thing huge occurs and a clocktower is chiming, and a ship scene, through which Katya nearly dies and Sofia is there and fruit is concerned.

Katya tries to shoot Goncharov, reciting the well-known line, “if we were truly in love, I wouldn’t have missed.” And sooner or later, there are sexually-charged anchovies and different fish. Main themes embody: Being a Girlboss, Escaping the Cycle of Violence, and Sacrificial Love. It additionally passes the Bechdel Test.

Goncharov even briefly made its method onto the film assessment website Letterboxd (let me add it to my prime 4 cowards).

Goncharov can also be homosexual

Duh. In what universe would Tumblr collectively write a Nineteen Seventies Scorsese mafia flick and never make it a homosexual love story? In reality, the refined, read-between-the-lines romances of Goncharov and Katya have even impressed a suite of fanfiction tags on the site Archive of Our Own.

Our foremost character’s flame is, in fact, his rival Andrey — discuss some nice enemies-to-lovers storytelling. Just go forward and take a look at this in-depth (fake) analysis of the iconic cigarette lighting scene. Ugh, the stress. There’s additionally a second romance between Katya and Sofia. Something for everybody in Goncharov!

Goncharov director speaks out on controversy

Some customers have now delivered to mild that Scorsese might not be the actual director, however for now, we’re ignoring that. Scorsese is our man.

Taking to TikTok through the account of his daughter Francesca Scorsese, he lastly broke his silence, in a reply to a fellow TikTok person asking if Scorsese had seen the Goncharov hype. “I made that film years ago,” he texted his daughter. There it’s of us. Goncharov is Scorsese canon.

Goncharov was actual. It was real to me.

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