How much money YouTubers with 1 million subscribers make

How much money YouTubers with 1 million subscribers make
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How much money YouTubers with 1 million subscribers make
YouTube creator Nate O’Brien.

  • Creators who’re part of YouTube’s Partner Program can monetize their movies with advertisements.
  • YouTubers could make hundreds of {dollars} every month from this system.
  • A YouTuber with about 1 million subscribers made between $14,600 and $54,600 per month.

This is the most recent installment of Insider’s YouTube cash logs, the place creators break down how a lot they earn.

Surpassing the 1 million subscriber mark on YouTube is a big milestone, and, in sensible terms, it usually means a creator can earn a full-time living from the platform.

YouTube creators earn cash a variety of methods, however cash from the advertisements that play in their movies normally constitutes an enormous chunk of their earnings. Finance YouTuber Nate O’Brien remodeled $400,000 in a year when he had about 1 million subscribers. The YouTuber shared that he was incomes between $14,600 and $54,600 per month.

Read a full breakdown of how a lot cash O’Brien makes per month and his methods

Another YouTuber, way of life creator Tiffany Ma, was incomes as much as $11,500 a month from advertisements on her movies, she beforehand told Insider.

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To begin incomes cash straight from YouTube, creators should have no less than 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the past year. Once they attain that threshold, they will apply for YouTube’s Partner Program, which permits them to begin monetizing their channels via advertisements, subscriptions, and channel memberships. For each 1,000 advert views, advertisers pay a sure fee to YouTube. YouTube takes 45% of the income, and the creator will get the remainder.

Two key metrics for incomes cash on YouTube are the CPM fee, or how a lot cash advertisers pay YouTube per 1,000 advert views, and RPM fee, which is how a lot income a creator earns per each 1,000 video views after YouTube’s cut.

Some topics, like private finance and enterprise, can increase a creator’s advert fee by attracting profitable advertisers.

But whereas Ma’s way of life content makes much less cash, she’s perfected a method to maximise payout.

“To really optimize your audience, I think YouTubers should definitely put three to four ads within a video,” Ma said.

The cash made straight from YouTube is a key pillar of many creators’ incomes.

Here are eight exclusive earnings breakdowns in which YouTubers with 1 million followers or more share precisely how a lot they earn from the platform:

  • Nate O’Brien has 1.1 million subscribers and movies movies about personal-finance
  • Marina Mogilko has 1.3 million subscribers and movies business-related movies
  • Michael Groth has 1.5 million subscribers and movies Pokémon-related movies
  • Shelby Church has 1.6 million subscribers and movies tech and way of life movies
  • Andrei Jikh has 1.7 million subscribers and movies movies about personal-finance
  • Tiffany Ma has 1.8 million subscribers and movies way of life movies
  • Ali Abdaal has 3.6 million subscribers and creates productiveness and entrepreneurship content
  • Nuseir Yassin has 9 million subscribers and he makes instructional and lighthearted movies
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