‘Shadow and Bone’ Season 2: The bee in the Shadow Fold hints at a major ‘King of Scars’ character

‘Shadow and Bone’ Season 2: The bee in the Shadow Fold hints at a major ‘King of Scars’ character
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‘Shadow and Bone’ Season 2: The bee in the Shadow Fold hints at a major ‘King of Scars’ character

Important Netflix bees — they don’t seem to be only for Bridgerton anymore!

Season 2 of Netflix’s fantasy epic Shadow and Bone includes a foreboding bee cameo in its finale, not long after Sun Summoner Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li) tears down the Shadow Fold and kills the Darkling (Ben Barnes). As Alina and her companions burn the Darkling’s body, we see a bee land on Squaller Zoya Nazyalensky (Sujaya Dasgupta). Zoya shortly swats the bee away, however it’s a unusual second. The Shadow Fold has been devoid of life (save the murderous volcra) for a whole lot of years. Even after its destruction, the Fold nonetheless leaves behind a large desert. Where may a bee have come from?


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Fans of Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse will probably acknowledge the bee because the image of one of many Ravkan saints: Sankta Lizabeta (or Elizaveta), patron saint of gardeners. According to legend, Elizaveta saved her village from raiders by praying in a subject of roses. Bees surged from the flowers and defeated the attackers. When she could not replicate the miracle for different villages, she was drawn and quartered, later to be canonized for her martyrdom.

So, what does an historical saint with bee troopers have to do with the Shadow Fold? For that, we flip to King of Scars, probably the most current Grishaverse books. King of Scars sees unusual, saintly miracles popping up throughout Ravka in the wake of the Shadow Fold’s destruction. While investigating, Zoya and Nikolai (Patrick Gibson) study that the Shadow Fold did not simply maintain volcra. It was also a jail of kinds for 3 saints: Sankta Lizabeta, Sankt Juris, and Sankt Grigori.

Zoya and Nikolai’s discovery has main repercussions for them and for all of Ravka, kicking off a climactic arc for King of Scars. That Shadow and Bone is already foreshadowing Elizaveta by means of a stray bee signifies that we’re getting the occasions of King of Scars sooner reasonably than later. That said bee lands on Zoya is even more foreshadowing, as Zoya interacts most with Elizaveta, and King of Scars marks her bounce to a principal character.

Here’s hoping for a Season 3, as a result of that bee deserves payoff.

Shadow and Bone Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.