Y Combinator cuts nearly 20% of staff, scales back growth stage investments

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Y Combinator can be writing much less checks towards late-stage corporations, a scale back that also cost 17 group members – or roughly 20% of the accelerator’s workers – their jobs, in response to a press release released on Monday. The accelerator told TechCrunch that Silicon Valley Bank’s failure was not an element and that they have been strategizing concerning the shift “well before” the collapse; over 30% of Y Combinator’s startups are uncovered to SVB.

YC CEO Garry Tan wrote in the memo that the accelerator, which is basically targeted on early-stage investing, discovered late stage investing to be a “distraction from our core mission.”

“There shouldn’t be any noticeable effect on the companies we’ve funded or on the way we interact with alumni, but if any companies or alumni have questions, I’m here and the YC group partners are here — as always, to help you make something people want,” Tan wrote in the memo.

Tan has been lively on-line over the past 4 days as SVB, which as soon as banked over half of U.S. venture-backed startups, was taken over by regulators following a historic, seemingly Twitter-induced financial institution run. Early on, Tan told YC corporations that “anytime you hear problems of solvency at a bank, and it can be deemed credible, you should take it seriously and prioritize the interests of your startup by not exposing yourself to more than $250,000 of exposure this year,” in response to an inside screenshot seen by TechCrunch.

Twenty-four hours after he said that, Tan took to Twitter to say that “this is an extinction level event for startups and will set startups and innovation back by 10 years or more. BIG TECH will not care about this. They have cash elsewhere. All little startups, tomorrow’s Google and Facebooks, will be extinguished if we don’t find a fix.” He also penned a petition, now signed by over 5,000 tech CEOs and founders, asking congress to step in and help the entrepreneurial community.

While YC refused that as we speak’s layoffs and departure from development stage is expounded to the banking disaster, it’s onerous to not see the information amid the backdrop of a tech reckoning. We’ll know quickly how a YC, re-focused on early-stage, is navigating the powerful highway forward: the storied accelerator is having its bi-annual Demo Day in only a few quick weeks. 

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Y Combinator cuts almost 20% of workers, scales back development stage investments by Natasha Mascarenhas initially revealed on TechCrunch