Black Friday Verizon Wireless deal gets you a free iPhone 15 Pro, Apple Watch and iPad with unlimited plans

Black Friday Verizon Wireless deal gets you a free iPhone 15 Pro, Apple Watch and iPad with unlimited plans
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Black Friday Verizon Wireless deal gets you a free iPhone 15 Pro, Apple Watch and iPad with unlimited plans

If you’re looking for an impactful smartphone upgrade among the incoming Black Friday deals, this Verizon iPhone 15 Pro deal is the best thing going. Verizon has the iPhone 15 Pro for free on qualifying plans when trading in any iPhone.

You read that right—you could trade in something as old as an iPhone 3G and get up to $1,000 in trade value toward your iPhone 15 Pro. Even better, you can optionally add an iPad (9th generation, usually $460) and the Apple Watch SE (2nd generation, usually $300) to your cart, and all three show up for free. This deal saves you about $1,700 compared to buying them separately and outright. As a bonus, Verizon currently offers $200 virtual gift cards to new customers who port their existing numbers.

There are some caveats to accept before you can take advantage (you should look at our detailed step-by-step guide below, as Verizon hasn’t laid out how to get the free watch and iPad at all). You need to sign up for an Unlimited Ultimate plan, and if you want the other devices free, those will require additional service plans of their own (though that starts from just $5 to $10 extra per device with current 50% off offers). You should also note that you can only take advantage if you buy your devices with monthly payment plans, and the discounts apply as equal monthly bill credits over 36 months. If you cancel service before then, you’ll need to pay the remaining balance of each device in full.

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How to get the free iPhone 15 bundle at Verizon

Trade in any iPhone, and add these three to your cart:

  • iPhone 15 Pro at Verizon
  • iPad (9th generation) at Verizon
  • Apple Watch SE (2nd generation) at Verizon

All three will be free. Verizon doesn’t make it painfully obvious how to apply this deal when going through checkout, so we’ll help you with a quick guide. These step-by-step instructions should have you well on your way to your free tech trio:

  1. Add the iPhone 15 Pro to your cart. Configure your device, select the monthly payment option, and proceed to the next screen.
  2. Click “Add” under the device trade-in offer, then click “Continue.” Select your trade-in device details in the dropdown boxes, then click “Estimate trade in.”
  3. Verizon should be asking about your phone’s condition here. Select “It’s in good condition,” then click “Continue to confirm device.” (We’ve also tried telling Verizon that we essentially had a decade-old paperweight, and it still gave us the full offer credit.)
  4. Verizon requires you to input your phone’s IMEI number. You can find this on the box if you still have it, or you can boot your iPhone up and find it by going to Settings > General > About. Input the IMEI number and click “Check device.”
  5. Check the estimated trade value. It should say $1,000. If all looks good, click “Continue.”
  6. You’ll now be asked to select a plan. This promo requires you to sign up with an Unlimited Ultimate plan, so select that one, choose your device protection options, and then click “Continue.”
  7. The next screen asks if you want to add accessories to your order. You can skip adding accessories by clicking “Continue.”
  8. At last, you should see your cart with the iPhone 15 Pro’s monthly cost showing $0.00.
  9. If you want the free Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen) and iPad (9th Gen), simply add those two products to your cart as normal, again noting that you must opt for monthly payments to get these for free. They’ll require $5 and $10 add-on lines, respectively.
  10. Eventually, all three devices should be in your cart with a “Savings Applied” label and $0.00 monthly payments. You only pay sales tax today.

We’re unsure whether this offer will stick around for Black Friday and beyond, so if you’ve been waiting for a good offer to upgrade to the iPhone 15, we can’t find a better one. This is easily the best offer around right now on this phone. Check out our roundup of the best iPhone 15 Pro deals if you’d like to browse alternatives.

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