Modern Loneliness: A series exploring the loneliness epidemic

Modern Loneliness: A series exploring the loneliness epidemic
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Modern Loneliness: A series exploring the loneliness epidemic

We’re living in quite the paradox: Society is more digitally connected than ever, yet feelings of disconnection are surging. In an era defined by greater technological connectivity, modern loneliness remains a pervasive challenge.

In a statement in May, the US surgeon general, Dr. Vivek Murthy, described an “epidemic of loneliness and isolation” affecting our physical and mental health. Its presence is felt on a global scale — a recently released survey from Gallup and Meta suggests nearly a quarter of people around the world feel lonely.

Business Insider’s series “Modern Loneliness” delves into the complexities of isolation, exploring its causes and effects, as well as how people are navigating this quandary in a fast-paced, hyperconnected world.

Many are seeking social fulfillment by returning to in-office work, joining clubs, and trying to deepen their relationships. But the onus isn’t solely on individuals. Tech investors are taking notice and backing ventures that seek to alleviate loneliness. And real-estate developers are finding ways to build a sense of connection — literally and figuratively — through communal housing and public spaces.

Loneliness might feel like a solitary burden, but it’s a shared experience. During this epidemic we’ve found ourselves in the collective pursuit of meaningful connection and belonging — a common thread you’ll see in the stories ahead.

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