Google is accelerating passkey adoption with tech giant partnerships, and it won’t just be exclusive to Pixel

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Google is pushing for the adoption of passkeys as an industry standard practice to help add an extra layer of account security.

After the success of passkeys in the Google Password Manager for Pixel devices, Google is looking to partner with web service providers such as Adobe, PayPal and Ebay to make passkeys more accessible.

The Google Password Manager is currently available on the Pixel Fold, Pixel Tablet, and Pixel devices newer than and including the Pixel 5A, but Google is also hoping to provide future passkey compatibility on other platforms.

December Feature Drop

The passkey feature for Pixel devices which includes compatibility with Google’s partners has been available since Google’s December update.

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Passkeys are a more sophisticated alternative to user-generated passwords, as passkeys use public key cryptography to generate a unique login-code that is used to authenticate a login attempt without the need to enter a password.

With Google’s Password Manager on Pixel devices, you can sign in to accounts that support passkeys with nothing more than a biometric verification such as a fingerprint of facial recognition, or by simply entering your device pin/password.

Google is currency focusing on getting, “Adobe, Best Buy, DocuSign, eBay, Kayak, Money Forward, Nintendo, PayPal, Uber, Yahoo! Japan—and soon, TikTok” on board for passkey adoption in a move that should prompt others to adopt similar levels of security.

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If you currently use a supported Pixel device, you can check which of your accounts are passkey supported by checking your Password Manager settings via the Password Manager shortcut or by navigating to Settings and then Passwords & Accounts.

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