Ground breaking deal could see UK lawyers practicing law in Nigeria

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Nigeria and the United Kingdom are poised to seal a partnership agreement to promote trade and investment and open new prospects for UK and Nigerian enterprises. The partnership is designed to extend beyond finance and slip into other sectors. The deal would build upon an already productive $7 billion partnership between both countries.

  • Nigeria and the UK are set to sign a historic trade deal.
  • The deal could see legal cooperation between both countries.
  • The deal is set to build on the already productive $7 billion partnership between Nigeria and the UK.

According to the UK’s Department of Business and Trade, Nigeria and the UK are set to sign a new partnership intended to enhance cooperation between both nations. Dubbed The Enhanced Trade and Investment Partnership (ETIP), this is the first time the UK would be signing this particular deal with an African country.

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“This partnership with Nigeria, the UK’s first with an African country, will allow us to work together and seize the opportunities that lie ahead. Nigeria has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world,” Kemi Badenoch, the Business and Trade Secretary stated.

“UK businesses have already seen huge success here and I look forward to seeing how we continue to grow this relationship,” Kemi Badenoch added.

This agreement would deepen current trade ties between Nigeria and the UK, which reached a total of £7 billion in the year ending in September 2023. The deal is also directed to impress on other sectors including the areas of law.

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The deal will also see Nigeria commit to taking steps toward reducing barriers that keep UK attorneys from practicing international and foreign law in the West African state.

“It will see Nigeria commit to working towards removing barriers preventing UK lawyers from practicing international and foreign law in Nigeria, a step that could significantly increase UK legal services exports,” the department stated.

Top UK education providers would be incentivized by this deal to offer top-notch education in Nigeria while opening the door for further collaboration in the media and entertainment industries.


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