I work at Coach. Here are my 5 best tips for buying designer bags.

I work at Coach. Here are my 5 best tips for buying designer bags.
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I work at Coach. Here are my 5 best tips for buying designer bags.
It can be hard to find the best bag for your lifestyle.

  • I’ve helped people buy the perfect designer bags at Coach for two years. 
  • I suggest shopping during sales and taking advantage of Coach’s price-match policy.
  • Try the bag on in store and ask an associate to see if your essentials fit inside it. 

I’ve worked as a Coach sales associate for two years, so I’ve learned a lot about buying and selling designer bags.

Here are my best tips for buying a bag that checks all of your boxes.

Research brands and materials before buying a bag

Many designer bag brands use the same materials. For Coach, some of the most common ones include:

  • Pebble leather — a soft leather with a bumpy finish. Pebble leather is a customer favorite, but it requires upkeep. It needs leather cleaner and moisturizer to maintain its quality.

  • Cross-grain leather — a hard, durable leather. Cross-grain leather is easy to clean with a wet washcloth and, in my opinion, does not require frequent moisturizing.

  • Coated canvas — at Coach, this is anything with the signature “C” print. Coated Canvas is waterproof and fairly easy to clean.

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Always look into the material and the care it requires before committing to a bag made of it.

Realistically consider your needs

Walking into a designer bag store and trying to choose color, material, size, and style is overwhelming. But you can find the perfect bag if you ask yourself the right questions.

First, consider how you want to carry your bag. Would you prefer a crossbody, bag with top handle, shoulder bag, backpack, or belt bag?

Next, consider your lifestyle and what your designer bag will be used for. Will it be for date night, every day, work, or special events?

For example, if you prefer to use the same bag every day, you may consider a black cross-grain bag that’s easy to care for over a white pebble-leather bag that may require upkeep.

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Lastly, consider qualities that you can’t live without. Some customers check to see how many compartments bags have or if they have outside pockets, an adjustable strap, and a zipper.

Mannequin in coach store with belt bags over its chest
Coach also has a price-adjustment policy worth keeping in mind.

Shop the sales — and keep Coach’s price-adjustment policy in mind

Coach specifically has sales during Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor day, Black Friday, and Christmas. Sales usually include an extra 15% to 20% off.

Also, keep in mind Coach’s price-adjustment policy. You can get a partial refund if your full-price bag has been discounted in the seven days since you bought it.

I also suggest signing up for Coach’s mailing list, which will keep you updated on the latest deals.

Try on the bags and check how your essentials fit inside

It’s important to make sure your bag is comfortable and the right color, size, and style for you. So, don’t be shy.

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Try on the crossbody and shoulder strap, then see how it looks in the mirror. Ask an associate to try fitting your essentials inside the bag you’re interested in.

You’ll feel more confident in your purchase if you feel good wearing it and know your belongings fit comfortably inside.

Ask an associate for help

Associates are here to help customers find what they want. After all, we don’t always make commissions.

We’re trained to be knowledgeable in Coach products, and, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, we still might have just the bag for you. Just ask!

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