Nightingale early access will now launch earlier than expected after surprise release date shift

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Inflexion Games has announced that Nightingale early access will now be released two days earlier than originally planned.

Last year, the developer revealed that its open-world survival game would be launching in early access on February 22 for Steam and the Epic Games. However, in a new post shared on February 6, it was announced that it’s decided to move the release date up by two days, confirming that Nightingale early access will now launch on February 20 instead.

“Mark your calendars because we’re opening the Portal network ahead of schedule,” the developer said in its announcement post. “Nightingale will now launch into early access on February 20, 2024.

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“This will not only allow you all to start your adventures as a Realmwalker two days earlier than originally planned but also give our team a head start in addressing any issues at launch before the busy weekend period.”

Inflexion Games didn’t reveal the exact reason why the game has been moved up, but did say that it will be working on player feedback from the Server Stress Test and will go on to share additional updates in a future ‘Dev Update’ which should arrive “in the next week or so.”

February is a big month for new releases. Just last week (February 2), Persona 3 Reload launched, followed by the online shooter Foamstars yesterday (February 6), and Helldivers 2 set to arrive later this week on February 9. 

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Later this month, on February 29, we’ll also see the launch of Square Enix’s highly anticipated Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Although Inflexion didn’t offer a reason behind the date shift, it’s possible that Nightingale could have been moved up to offer a bit more time to players between games, similar to how Remedy Entertainment delayed the release of Alan Wake 2 to avoid clashing with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Again though, this hasn’t been confirmed to be the case, so it might just be a coincidence. 

In any case, those looking forward to Nightingale will be able to jump in two days earlier than expected and it’s looking to be one of the more interesting survival games due for release this year.

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