adds transcription archiving and recall across the enterprise

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Listen to this article, the real-time notetaking service, is seeking to shake up the enterprise transcription market with its new Meeting GenAI feature, which can capture, access, and immediately provide information from meetings across an organization.

Meeting GenAI will be able to recall notes from another video conference, phone call, or in-person meeting from weeks earlier, for someone who wasn’t able to attend or who doesn’t remember what happened. This capability will work for a person sitting at her desk or for a group of people in a teleconference or in-person meeting.

So, for example, an enterprise’s product marketing team is on a video conference and wants to know the latest specs for a new feature discussed during an engineering team meeting two days earlier. The director of product marketing can ask to describe the new feature, as discussed in the previous meeting, or to summarize the engineering team’s discussion.

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