The best cheap gaming chair deals in February 2024

The best cheap gaming chair deals in February 2024
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The best cheap gaming chair deals in February 2024

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Buying a gaming chair can be expensive, which is why we’ve brought you all the best cheap gaming chair deals right now. Some of these can still rival the very best gaming chairs while costing less than the $500 / £500 price you often see for those premium options.

Right here, we’ve looked at seats that combine support, comfort, and gaming aesthetics for less. Some of the best office chairs may offer similar features but the racerback design draws many towards the bucket style of a gaming chair instead. 

Below, we’ve included gaming chairs that mostly retail for less than $300 / £300 / AU$500. That’s a chunky sum but it’s a good figure to aim for when considering a long-term investment in a quality but more affordable gaming chair.

There are many gaming chair sales throughout the year that bring prices down even further, so there’s always a bargain to be found if you look in the right place. Once your chair is sorted, this may also be a good time to invest in a cheap gaming desk and cheap gaming monitor so you get the ultimate setup.

Best cheap gaming chair deals – Quick Links



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The best cheap gaming chair deals in the US

GTPLAYER Gaming Chair: was $189.99 now $141.40 at Amazon
Save $48 –
One of the most popular cheap gaming chairs is currently still on offer. This isn’t quite as low as the previous sub-$100 best, but this is still an excellent rate if you’re after a cheap, long-lasting gaming chair.View Deal

GTRacing Gaming Chair: was $149.99 now $129.99 at Amazon

Save $20 (extra $10 with coupon at checkout) – Looking for more color options over the GTPlayer? The GTRacing gaming chair is enjoying a healthy discount right now, where you can save up to $119.99 with the extra coupon at checkout. While the GTPlayer chair is of a higher quality, there’s lots of color options here if you’re of a style-over-substance mindset.View Deal

Dowinx Gaming Chair: was $179.99 now $129.99 at Amazon
Save $50 –
With a high build quality and comfortable leatherette materials, Dowinx’s gaming chair offering is a reliable purchase for buyers on a stricter budget. And right now, it’s enjoying one of its lowest ever prices at Amazon.View Deal

Secretlab Titan Evo: Up to $100 off Secretlab Titan Evo gaming chairs
Save $100 –
Secretlab is already discounting its best gaming chairs ahead of Black Friday sales in November. As a result, it’s a fantastic time to keep some of your hard-earned cash if you’re opting to purchase one of the best gaming chairs in the business.View Deal

The best cheap gaming chair deals in the UK

BraZen Phantom Elite PC Gaming Chair: was £274.95 now £199.95 at Amazon
Save £75 –
While not quite a record low for BraZen’s top gaming chair, this is still a very competitive saving for an incredibly versatile and adjustable gaming chair which includes lumbar support, head rest and comfy faux leather material.View Deal

BraZen Puma PC Gaming Chair: was £159.95 now £99.95 at Amazon
Save £60 –
For a cheaper option, BraZen’s Puma gaming chair lacks the headrest and lumbar support of its pricier counterpart, but still provides a comfortable faux leather build and still offers height adjustment and reclining.View Deal

BraZen Pride 2.1 Gaming Chair: was £189.95 now £159.99 at Amazon
Save £30 –
Shopping for kids or teens? BraZen’s Pride 2.1 gaming chair is a fantastic purchase here. The chair itself has a form factor that provides comfy seating, and built-in 2.1 surround sound speakers add an excellent layer of immersion when playing titles on PC.View Deal

AutoFull C3 Gaming Chair: was £309.99 now £220.99 at Amazon
Save £90 –
This excellent gaming chair deal brings a mid-range powerhouse down to a more reasonable price for lower budgets. Prizing comfort above all else, the AutoFull C3 provides a fantastic bionic lumbar support module and a fold-out footrest so you can game in a more relaxed position.View Deal

Cheap gaming chair deals – FAQs

Got anything else you want to know about before buying a cheap gaming chair? We’ve answered the most common questions here, including where to find the best gaming chair sales, whether a gaming chair is a worthwhile investment and what makes them so expensive in the first place.

Are cheap gaming chairs worth it?

Cheap gaming chairs can provide the gamer aesthetic that many have fallen in love with since the DXRacer first brought the bucket into fashion. As you move up the price bracket, though, you can end up paying more for the brand emblazoned on the head cushion than the comfort you receive. You can find perfectly ergonomic chairs with plenty of adjustment options and deep cushioning for between $100 and $300 (£100 and £300), however some options just over this price bracket do still hold value in additional cooling options and high quality, breathable fabrics. 

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All in all, then, cheap gaming chairs are absolutely worth it if you’re looking for a more comfortable chair with the classic racer style. If, however, you’re all about the ergonomics and don’t care too much about the appearance you might find a better price on some of the best office chairs

Why are gaming chairs sometimes so expensive?

In the era of Twitch branding, even gaming chair sales can’t disguise the fact that many seats are horribly overpriced. Usually, these chairs come from the bigger gaming brands who have moved for a push towards streaming advertisement through a logo stitched onto a headrest. That means gaming chairs can be expensive when a brand has taken on a life of its own through social media. In most cases, it will be easy to spot these chairs with a quick look at adjustment options, comfort levels, and cushioning support though.

Need more gaming goodies? We’ve got you covered. For a new screen, you can browse through the latest cheap gaming monitors. You can also complete your setup with a cheap gaming keyboard, cheap gaming mouse and cheap gaming headset or find somewhere to assemble everything with one of these cheap gaming desks.


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