Women’s voices heard: Liberia appoints first female minister of defense

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Liberia gets its first-ever female Minister of Defense, following an outcry from numerous women in the country. Following the protests by the wives of soldiers, which brought about the resignation of the former defense Minister, the president of the country Joseph Boakai decided to name a new Minister. As a result, Geraldine George has been named the new acting minister of defense.

  • Liberia appoints first female Minister of Defense amid public pressure.
  • Brigadier General Geraldine George, a retired military officer, becomes Liberia’s historic appointment.
  • President Joseph Boakai’s decision follows protests over military living conditions.

A report by the British news network, BBC, shows that the president of Liberia has designated the retired female brigadier general, Geraldine George, the position of acting minister of defense.

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This is the first time in the country’s history that the position is being held by a woman.

Geraldine George’s military career dates back to 2006, when she successfully enlisted in the army during the rebuilding period that followed the country’s second civil war.

She has since risen to the ranks, to ultimately becoming a brigadier general, and now Minister of Defense. She previously held the title of deputy chief of staff for the past six years, before her now new appointment.

After being inaugurated as president on January 22, the president named her as the military ministry’s deputy for administration.

“Her promotion comes after Defence Minister Prince Charles Johnson III resigned following protests by the wives of soldiers on Monday,” as stated in the BBC’s report.

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“The women said that as the former chief of staff of the armed forces, he was responsible for low wages and poor living conditions in the military barracks. The women set up roadblocks near the capital, Monrovia, and elsewhere in the country, forcing Mr Boakai to cancel National Army Day celebrations on Monday,” the report adds.

The demonstration began on Sunday at the Edward Binyah Kesselly barracks in Monrovia.


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