Your Garmin Connect app is about to change forever, according to recent rumors

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When Garmin showed off a redesign to the Garmin Connect app at CES, among our many questions were “how soon will it be ready to roll out?” As it happens, it may be much sooner than anticipated.

That’s according to the5krunner  (via Notebook Check), with the leakers’ source suggesting that the beta could be made available to the public in the next “four to six weeks”.

It’s not a huge leap considering much of the overhaul is already part of a closed beta that shipped in January, but it’ll certainly be exciting for anyone with one of the best Garmin watches looking to get their hands on what the company’s VP of fitness, Joe Shrick, says will bring “more relevant insights to each customer to inform and inspire them”.

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The 5KRunner’s source, known only as JW, also notes that “the essence of the planned changes to the homepage is unchanged”, suggesting it’ll be pretty close to what’s already in January closed beta.

While we’ve always been impressed with Garmin Connect based on the sheer volume of data it can parse, we’re not averse to seeing it made a little simpler to look at. With that in mind, users may only have to wait mere weeks for updated categories including Today’s Activity, Events, Training Plans, and more. Here’s hoping the overhaul is smoother than Fitbit’s redesigned app, which ended up backfiring and needing five fixes.

Three changes you can expect when the app updates

1. Easier to understand sections

As mentioned above, the new Garmin Connect app focuses on getting you to your data more quickly.

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This is done through the Garmin Connect Home Page, which features customizable sections that can include anything you want to put front and center.

That could be an In Focus panel for your training readiness, or keeping your Events and Training Plans close to hand.

2. Renewed focus

The In Focus section of the Garmin Connect app’s redesign does exactly as the name suggests – it offers a deeper dive into specific metrics.

That includes anything from Sleep Score, Body Battery, Training Readiness Score and more, all of which can be moved between with a quick swipe of the display.

It can show weekly activity trends, too, so you can examine how your body has changed over the last seven days.

3. Easier to stay competitive

Connections and Challenges are getting an overhaul with the upcoming Garmin Connect redesign. Now more clearly dubbed ‘Competitions’, you’ll be able to follow along with the leaderboard for your friends, family, and rivals from the homepage.

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That’ll make it much easier to keep tabs on which of you is winning, so you can leave them in your proverbial dust.

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