5G and Connectivity Playbook

5G and Connectivity Playbook
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Collage of abstract shapes and technology showcasing 5G-enabled innovations such as cars, virtual reality (VR), smartphones, and video chat.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, 5G technology is shaping your world every day.

Like 4G before it, the fifth generation of cellular wireless technology powers high-speed internet on our phones. But because it can support many devices reliably with low lag times and fast download speeds, it’s also powering things like long-distance synchronous music-making, faster electric-vehicle charging, and innovative mental-health care. It’s also forward compatible — meaning it’s built to support technologies that are still in development or don’t even exist yet.

Business Insider’s 5G and Connectivity Playbook is built for anyone who wants to know what’s possible with this tech and other connectivity advancements — how they can take your business to new heights, expand your creativity, or enliven your world.

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