Adobe releases AI assistant that can summarize all those complex PDFs for you

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In an effort to make document management far less time-consuming, Adobe has confirmed the general availability of its latest AI tools designed to streamline document workflows.

The software company’s latest announcement addresses the tax season, which is currently underway worldwide. It marks the 25th anniversary of the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) standardizing tax documents on PDF.

Adobe’s Acrobat AI Assistant is now generally available across Acrobat Reader, desktop, and web and will be available as an add-on subscription priced at $4.99 per month.

Acrobat AI Assistant is now available

Adobe says the full launch of its new generative AI assistant “bring[s] generative AI to the masses,” estimating that more than three trillion PDFs are in circulation worldwide.

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The company hopes that its GenAI tool will transform users’ interactions with documents by providing features to extract key information, summarize content, and facilitate easier navigation within long documents.

Abhigyan Modi, SVP of Adobe Document Cloud, commented: “Acrobat AI Assistant empowers billions of people to shift from reading documents to having a conversation – enabling them to get insights and format and share content from all kinds of digital documents – quickly and easily.”

Besides being able to “chat with your PDFs,” Adobe also promises to deliver intelligent citations so that users can verify the source of generated content. The company also confirmed that it will not store or use customer data to train AI Assistants without consent.

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The add-on will be available to users with free Reader or paid Acrobat for individual plans in English only, and the early access pricing of $4.99 per month will remain in place until June 5, 2024. More languages are set to follow.

AI Assistant on Reader mobile is also available as a beta for a “limited time,” indicating that a mobile launch could be imminent.

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