American Airlines is preparing for summer travel with new premium onboard amenities — take a look

American Airlines is preparing for summer travel with new premium onboard amenities — take a look
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American Airlines plane flying
American Airlines is launching its in-flight premium offerings over Memorial Day Weekend.

  • American Airlines is launching its first rotating collection of premium amenities Memorial Day Weekend.
  • It includes a new front-row flagship suite, new bedding, and enhanced dining options. 
  • The new amenity kit program will cycle skincare products and offer limited-edition specialty kits. 

American Airlines is gearing up for summer travel with new luxury in-flight offerings for its customers.

American is launching its first rotating collection of premium onboard amenities over Memorial Day Weekend. It will be available on 300 international and transcontinental flights.

The offerings include new bedding, dining options, and an amenity kit program that lets premium passengers sample different skincare brands and products.

“We thoughtfully curate each element of the onboard experience so every customer can look forward to the time they spend in flight,” American’s vice president of customer experience, Kim Cisek, said in a statement. “Part of the magic of travel is connecting our customers to the people and experiences that matter most to them.”

While most of the new amenities are being offered to premium cabins, main cabin passengers will also have access to new bedding and other seat enhancements.

Passengers in the main cabin will have access to 4K seatback screens, Bluetooth connectivity, and new charging ports. All customers will have access to 1,500 free entertainment content options and can use high-speed WiFi.

American Airlines flagship suite boeing 7879
Customers traveling in flagship suites can recline in a chaise lounge position.

Customers traveling in American’s flagship suite seat have access to wireless charging, Bluetooth capability, and multiple storage spaces.

Passengers traveling in premium economy can also enjoy new amenities like wireless charging, additional storage space, and privacy headrest wings.

Customers looking for more luxury can sit front row on the new Boeing 787-9 and 777-300 aircraft’s flagship suite preferred seat.
American Airlines flagship suite
The flagship suite’s preferred seat is located in the front row.

The new seat offers customers additional space and storage. It will offer additional amenities for passengers’ comfort, like a Nest Bedding mattress pad, a throw blanket, and a memory foam lumbar pillow.

The seat will also have Nest Bedding pajamas and an exclusive amenity kit featuring additional skincare products.

American used customer research to enhance its bedding in all cabins.
American Airlines international flagship first class
American’s new flagship first-class bedding offers a dual-sided pillow and a full set of pajamas.

Travelers in flagship business class can now enjoy slippers onboard.
American Airlines amenities business class
American’s flagship new business-class bedding offers slippers.

The slippers used to only be offered on ultra-long-haul flights.

Customers in all cabins will enjoy enhanced bedding, with cabin-specific offerings like lumbar pillows, throw blankets, premium duvets, and fleece blankets.

American says the new bedding packaging will save 25 tons of plastic waste a year.
American Airlines premium economy
American’s premium economy bedding.

American collaborated with inflight textile company John Horsfall to create bedding from recycled materials. Nearly all the pillows, duvets, and blankets were made with recycled fibers, and filled bedding will be 100% recycled.

Customers traveling in premium cabins will also receive their bedding in a reusable zipper bag made with recycled fibers to reduce plastic waste from distribution.

Customers can try out new flavors inspired by international cuisine and American Airlines destinations worldwide.
American Airlines domestic first class cold entrees
Domestic cold entrées include a Mediterranean bowl, a bistro grain bowl, a pesto pasta salad, and edamame and mandarin orange slaw salad.

Customers can also choose from new preorder options.
American Airlines domestic first class entrees
American Airlines domestic first class hot entrées

Preorder options will continue to roll out this spring for business class on flights from the US to international destinations. One of the meal offerings is short rib mac and cheese.

Passengers in premium cabins will also have access to the new amenity kit program.
Limited addition Thirteen Lune Amenity Kits
The kit includes staple amenities for passengers.

American’s amenity kit includes basic comfort amenities like a toothbrush, dental kit, eye mask, and earplugs. The kit will also cycle different skincare products and offerings in premium cabins.

American collaborated with beauty retailer Thirteen Lune to curate skincare offerings in the amenity kit.
American Airlines limited edition Thirteen Lune flagship business class amenity kit
The amenity kit will allow passengers to sample different skincare products in premium cabins.

The kit will feature high-quality beauty brands from Thirteen Lune’s tailored collection. Passengers can scan a QR code in the kit to learn about each brand and partner featured.

Customers will receive the Thirteen Lune kit for the first few weeks of the kickoff to the new program.

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