Business owners fear police horse stench could force them to close

Business owners fear police horse stench could force them to close
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Adelaide businesses are calling for the South Australian government to hold their horses as works begin on a new staging area for the Mounted Operations Unit. 

Business owners fear that the pungent smell emanating from the facility could drive away customers and potentially force some establishments to close down.

Darren Gitsham, the owner of the nearby Crown and Sceptre Hotel, has voiced his dismay over the move, saying that he never imagined having a “livestock yard” across the road when he purchased the pub a decade ago. 

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Adelaide police horse

He has several concerns, including the unpleasant odours and the potential attraction of rodents and vermin due to horses’ feed.

“There are very large concerns with having such a facility within the precinct – not limited to the very obvious ones, which is the smell,” Gitsham told 9News.

The Police Greys are being relocated from Thebarton to Gepps Cross to make way for the construction of the new Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

The staging pen on the corner of King William Street and Wright Street will be a holding yard for the horses in the city. 

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Adelaide police horse

However, businesses in the area say they have been left in the dark, and are frustrated over the lack of consultation regarding the project’s potential impact on their operations.

Dan Melia, the owner of a nearby bar, fears that the smell could spell the end for his business. 

“We could stay open, but no one’s going to drink in a horse paddock,” he said.

Police Minister Joe Szakacs says the impact on neighbouring properties and businesses has been considered and accounted for.

The facility is due to open later this year.

This article was produced with the assistance of 9ExPress.


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